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Stakataka (ツンデツンデ, Tsundetsunde) (codenamed UB Assembly) is a Rock/Steel-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It is an Ultra Beast exclusive to Pokémon Ultra Moon.



While Stakataka may appear to be made up of stones stacked atop one another, apparently each “stone” is in fact a separate life-form, and this UB is made up of an assemblage of these life-forms.


When confronting another, or when feeling particularly enraged, the eyes on each of these stones begin to glow red. It is mostly enrage when something that are far heavier than Stakataka like statues being put on the top of its head, causing it to shake the heavy objects off its head to calm itself down. In SM085, if someone manages to successfully ride on top of Stakataka when angered the Ultra Beast will obey that person's commands.


Stakataka doesn't evolve

Game info

Game locations

Version(s) Area(s) Rarity
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Poni Grove (Ultra Moon Only)
Trade (Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon)

Pokédex entries

  • Ultra Sun

    It appeared from an Ultra Wormhole. Each one appears to be made up of many life-forms stacked one on top of each other.

  • Ultra Moon

    When stone walls started moving and attacking the brute's true identity was this mysterious life-form, brings to mind an Ultra Beast.


Stakataka's Stats
Sp. Atk
Sp. Def



LevelingGeneration VII
Level Move Power Accuracy PP Type Category
1 Protect —% 10 Normal Status
1 Tackle 40 100% 35 Normal Physical
5 Rock Slide 75 90% 10 Rock Physical
11 Stealth Rock —% 20 Rock Status
17 Bide —% 10 Normal Physical
19 Take Down 90 85% 20 Normal Physical
23 Rock Throw 50 90% 15 Rock Physical
31 Autotomize —% 10 Steel Status
37 Iron Defense —% 10 Steel Status
43 Iron Head 80 100% 15 Steel Physical
47 Rock Blast 25 90% 10 Rock Physical
53 Wide Guard —% 10 Rock Status
61 Double-Edge 120 100% 15 Normal Physical
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


TMs, TRs, and HMs Generation VII
TM/HM/TR Move Power Accuracy PP Type Cat.
TM06 Toxic 90% 10 Poison Status
TM10 Hidden Power 60 100% 15 Normal Special
TM16 Light Screen —% 30 Normal Status
TM17 Protect —% 10 Normal Status
TM20 Safeguard —% 25 Normal Status
TM21 Frustration 100% 20 Normal Physical
TM23 Smack Down 50 100% 15 Rock Physical
TM26 Earthquake 100 100% 10 Ground Physical
TM27 Return 100% 20 Normal Physical
TM33 Reflect —% 20 Psychic Status
TM37 Sandstorm —% 10 Rock Status
TM39 Rock Tomb 60 95% 15 Rock Physical
TM42 Facade 70 100% 20 Normal Physical
TM44 Rest —% 10 Psychic Status
TM48 Round 60 100% 15 Normal Special
TM59 Brutal Swing 60 100% 20 Dark Physical
TM68 Giga Impact 150 90% 5 Normal Physical
TM69 Rock Polish —% 20 Rock Status
TM71 Stone Edge 100 80% 5 Rock Physical
TM74 Gyro Ball 100% 5 Steel Physical
TM78 Bulldoze 60 100% 20 Ground Physical
TM80 Rock Slide 75 90% 20 Rock Physical
TM83 Infestation 20 10% 20 Bug Physical
TM88 Sleep Talk —% 20 Normal Status
TM90 Substitute —% 10 Normal Status
TM91 Flash Cannon 80 100% 10 Steel Special
TM92 Trick Room —% 5 Normal Physical
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


Stakataka learns no moves via breeding.


Tutoring Generation VII
Move Power Accuracy PP Type Category
Ally Switch USUM —% 15 Psychic Status
Bind USUM 15 85% 20 Normal Physical
Block USUM —% 5 Normal Status
Gravity USUM —% 5 Psychic Status
Iron Defense USUM —% 15 Steel Status
Iron Head USUM 80 100% 15 Steel Physical
Magic Coat USUM —% 15 Psychic Status
Magic Room USUM —% 10 Psychic Status
Magnet Rise USUM —% 10 Electric Status
Recycle USUM —% 10 Normal Status
Role Play USUM —% 10 Psychic Status
Skill Swap USUM —% 10 Psychic Status
Snore USUM 50 100% 15 Normal Special
Stealth Rock USUM —% 20 Rock Status
Stomping Tantrum USUM 75 100% 10 Ground Physical
Superpower USUM 120 100% 5 Fighting Physical
Telekinesis USUM —% 15 Psychic Status
Wonder Room USUM —% 10 Psychic Status
Zen Headbutt USUM 80 90% 15 Psychic Physical
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.




  • Early information about Stakataka's name was leaked. An article can be found here.
  • Stakataka is currently the heaviest Rock-type Pokémon.


Stakataka resembles a tower or castle wall. It may resemble a Nurikabe, a mythical yokai that is known for blocking the way of people. It also resembles a Mokumokuren, a mythical yokai that took the form of a wall with many eyes. It could also take inspiration from the Naveta d'Es Tudons Pyramid, a stone brick pyramid made up of human bodies, explaining why all of the bricks of Stakataka are said to be separate life-forms. As it's made of multiple individual organisms, it may also be based on organisms like coral, pyrosomes, siphonophores, or bryozoans, which are made of multiple individual units that form a single structure. As it's an extraterrestrial Steel-type Pokémon made of multiple individual organisms with one mind that resembles a cube, Stakataka may also be based on the Borg Collective from the Star Trek series, a hive-minded race of alien cyborgs that pilot cube-shaped spaceships.


"Stakataka" is a portmanteau of "stack," "attack," and "attacker." It may also come from 高い (takai, Japanese for "tall").

Tsundetsunde comes from 積んで (tsunde, stacked).