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Squishy's Song (プニちゃんのうた Puni-chan no Uta) is the first Japanese ending theme of the XYZ series, and the fifth Japanese opening theme of both the XY and XYZ series together.



TV Size

♪ (Puni-chan kotchi kotchi issho ni asobou yo) (Puni-chan pika tto kyatchi)

Punipuni yawarakakute Punipuni midori-iro de Punipuni poshetto no naka ga Oki ni iri ne Puni-chan!

Anata wa doko kara kita no? Doushite ohi-sama ga gohan na no? Fushigi na Puni-chan ga daisuki! Motto motto oshiete!

Atashi to anata no hoppeta o surisuri Shita nara mou tomodachi Itsu datte issho da yo! Anata no koto mamotte ageru!

(Puni-chan nani shite asobo kka?) (Kochakocha shitee, hinatabokko desho?) (Sou da! Konna no dou? Koshokosho.) (Ne? Suteki desho? Ufufu) ♪


TV Size

♪ (Puni-chan, come here, come here, let's play) (Puni-chan, a dazzling catch)

Squishy and tender, squishy and green Squishy and in my pochette, do you like it there? Puni-chan!

Where are you from? Why do you feed on sunlight? I love my mysterious Puni-chan! Please tell me more and more!

I nuzzle together our cheeks From then on, we are friends We'll always be together! And I'll protect you!

(Puni-chan, what do you want to play?) (Coochie-coo~ How about we bask ourselves under the sun?) (I got it! How about this? Whispers, whispers) (Well? Wouldn't that be great? Tee hee hee) ♪


♪ Squishy. Squishy. You're oh, so very soft, Squishy. Squishy. You're oh, so pretty green. Squishy. Squishy. The cutest I've ever seen. you're happy sleeping in my bag, Squishy.

How I wish I understood where you come from, and the way you get all your food from the sun. Mysterious Squishy, how I love you, so come home please, won't you please tell me some more?

Squishy and me nuzzling cheeks, best friends forever. We're so happy. I promise I'll never leave Squishy, sweet, little Squishy. Here's my song for you. I'll never leave Squishy. My sweet Squishy. That's you!

I'll always know what you're feeling and I'll always be there to catch you. I'll care for you and always be with you, to me, Squishy, your feelings are so real! I'll never leave Squishy. My sweet Squishy. That's you! ♪


  • It is sung by Bonnie's first voice actress, in spite of the XYZ series starting with her temporary voice actress.