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This Zygarde Core, nicknamed Squishy, is a Dragon/Ground-type Legendary Pokémon and a main character in Pokémon the Series: XYZ.


Squishy was originally a Pokémon wary of humans, as shown when Bonnie found it when it shook and tried to go deeper in the bag, but being with Bonnie changed its opinion about humans. It was shown to be protective when its friends are in danger in Meeting at Terminus Cave! and it chose to remain with them in A Cellular Connection!. Squishy, as a Core, uses Zygarde Cells to monitor the environment, and will typically do so before it sleeps. In Dream a Little Dream from Me! a Darkrai forces a nightmare upon Pikachu and Team Rocket's Meowth, as well as Squishy- the fire creature may be representative of Team Flare, as they are constantly hunting it and its other Core counterpart, Z-2. When trying to have a conversation with Z-2 and later Bonnie via telepathy, Squishy speaks in a higher pitch.


Squishy tried to protect the Zygarde cells from Team Flare, but it was unsuccessful as the 50% Forme Zygarde was captured in order to be used in researches. At Lysandre's lab, Squishy was seen to be in some sort of a glass case with some trees and plants while the researchers were experimenting on it. Squishy's call lead Chespie to find where it was and while a strange aura surrounded it as it continued to calling out to her. Increasing the output of the experiment, Squishy started to shrink, causing the whole case to explode. When one of the scientist was about to grab Squishy, Chespie used Vine Whip to protect it and carries it to the wall. Using Vine Whip, Chespie opened the air vent and put Squishy in there so it would safely escape. Squishy called down to Chespie but it called up to tell it escape. At the end, Squishy was shown to escape from Lysandre's lab and out in the opening where as the sun shines on its shadow in the 50% Forme Zygarde.[1]

While running, Squishy discovered a bag that belonged to Bonnie and decided to rest inside of it. However, Squishy was discovered by Bonnie and Dedenne as it freaked out then tried to leave until she caught it. After Bonnie decided to take care of it, it was nicknamed "Squishy" because of its squishy body. Unfortunately, Squishy got separated from Bonnie when group of Dodrio that were being chased by Sawyer and his Grovyle. Squishy was ambushed by Team Flare as they were able to grab until Bonnie and her friends arrived at the seen. Through Ash and Sawyer's teamwork, Squishy was saved and Bonnie grabbed it then were able to escaped. After getting to safety, Squishy was amazed and surprised that Bonnie knew it was asking for help. However, while everyone was asleep, Squishy sensed that Team Flare was close by then tried to leave the gang in order to make sure it won't be attacked but failed as they were able to catch up to it. Although, Squishy was saved when Bonnie and the gang arrived to help it. Squishy left with Bonnie, Clemont and Serena while Ash and Sawyer battle Team Flare. However, Squishy fell out of Bonnie's arm when she slipped, then was comforted by two Grunts and Bryony. With no other option, Squishy used its ability to call the Zygarde Cells and then all fuse with it, turning into its 10% Forme. Now with strength, Squishy then used Land's Wrath, which makes Bryony and her henchmen retreat. Seeing how much Bonnie cared about it even though they just met, Squishy decided to travel with the group. After the group said farewell to Sawyer, Squishy was in Bonnie's bag looking around in order to be sure that Team Flare wasn't pursuing them. However, little does it know, Squishy's 10% Forme was shown to Team Flare Scientist Xerosic and their Leader Lysandre as they continue their research on it.[2]

As they continued on, Team Rocket tried to capture it but with the help of Clemont's Bunnelby and the others, they got away but when the group was cornered, Squishy attempted to transform to protect its friends but when Ash and his friends came it stopped.[3] Meanwhile, traveling with the gang it met Professor Sycamore at a Pokémon Center who wanted to analyze Squishy.[4]

Sometime later after viewing the Litleonid meteor shower, Squishy went off to a nearby tree where it can sleep. But during the night, the Pitch Black Pokémon, Darkrai, used its Bad Dreams Ability to show Squishy the nightmare that would happen in the future, but in the process, it pulled Pikachu and Meowth into its dream. In the dream, all of the Pokémon Ash and his friends have appear in their evolved and pre-evolved forms and spoke in human language, while their trainers spoke like Pokémon. Pikachu and Meowth met up with Squishy, who is being chased after a flaming ghost. Squishy showed them a glimpse of its true form before escaping to its home in the real world. Pikachu managed to defeat the fire ghost and was awoken from its dream by Clemont's alarm clock, which broke during the night. After Squishy and Pikachu were reunited with the gang, Darkrai flew off into the distance.[5]

While traveling the rest of the way to Terminus Cave Squishy was safe and sound. But upon the friends reaching the cave, Team Flare attacked attempting to capture Squishy. Ash and the others tried to protect it but in the midst of the battle the gang witnessed Squishy transformed into its 10% Forme and uses Land's Wrath on everyone in the area except for Ash and his friends wanting to protect them. But after the ordeal the kids went to look for Squishy while it watched them not from afar in its invisible form.[6]

The gang still continued to look for Squishy but the search ended up into trouble with a group of Toxicroak and Clemont's Bunnelby getting hurt. On the look for cure they all come across the plant they needed as Squishy was watching from within the leaves it was hiding in. By the episode's end Squishy secretly followed Ash and friends back to the Pokémon Center in Bonnie's bag willing to travel with the gang again.[7]

Later, Squishy felt incredibly upset when it learned that Z-2 was captured by Team Flare and it vowed to go rescue it when the time comes.[8]

While Ash's friends were sleeping in a cave, Squishy helped Ash's Greninja find his trainer in its 10% form during a snowstorm in the Winding Woods. Once everyone reunited with Ash and Greninja, Squishy contacted Z-2 and informed it about Ash and Greninja's bond and believes that it can help them save Kalos.[9]

Squishy later changed into its 10% form and protected Ash's Pikachu from Jarvis' Mega Banette. It then helped Pikachu defeated several of Jarvis's Mega-Evolved Pokémon and allowed him to ride on its tail during the battle. After defeating Dohga's Mega Glalie, Squishy changed into its Complete Form and countered the laser beam shot from Jarvis's ship to protect the Pokémon that reside in the Nebel Plateau.[10]

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During the events of the Lumiose Conference, Team Flare began to attack Lumiose City while Z-2 was under their control. Squishy sensed what was happening and ran off to confront Z-2.[11] In the following episode, Squishy managed to locate Z-2 at the Prism Tower and asked it why it was attacking. But when Z-2 didn't respond, Squishy had no choice but to change into its 50% form in front of everyone who is present at the scene. With its full power harnessed, Squishy challenged Z-2 to a battle.[12] But despite its best efforts, Team Flare, using the energy from Mega-Evolved Pokémon collected by Alain, took control of Squishy and commanded it to continue the assault. As Bonnie tries to go and talk to Squishy, she felt intense pain from Team Flare's mind controlling power.[13]

As the destruction continued, Squishy, still under Team Flare's control, went on with its rampage until Bonnie tries to talk it. But she began to fear that her friend was gone. To the point of shedding tears, Bonnie started singing Squishy's favorite song to calm it down. As a result, Squishy broke free from the Mega Evolution Energy machine's control, protected Bonnie from falling debris and returned to its Core Form with Bonnie, but left to find Z-2.[14]

Once Squishy found Z-2, it tried to explain that humans and Pokémon are worthy to be trusted, but to no avail. However, Z-2 reluctantly went with Bonnie as she and the others are chasing after the Giant Rock, which mutated into a form of a Zygarde in 50% form after absorbing Chespie.[15] When Squishy and Z-2 were watching Ash, his friends, the Kalos gym leaders, Malva, Alain, Diantha, Meyer, and Steven Stone working together with their Pokémon to save Chespie and stop Lysandre from making the Giant Rock Zygarde reach Anistar City's Sundial in a last ditch effort to destroy the world, Squishy once again told Z-2 that humans, along with Pokémon, are worthy enough to be trusted through cooperation, good efforts, happiness, beliefs, goals, progress, hopes, and dreams. This time, Z-2 finally came to understanding what Squishy meant and together they summoned every Zygarde Cell in the world and formed themselves into Complete Zygarde Form. With some help from Ash's Pikachu, Ash's Greninja, and Alain's Charizard who destroyed Lysandre's remote, Squishy and Z-2 destroyed the Giant Rock Zygarde using Core Enforcer and Lysandre was killed in the process. After that, Squishy and Z-2 restored Lumiose City to normal. Squishy then expressed its gratitude to Chespie for helping it in the Lysandre Labs and to Bonnie for everything she and her friends had done during its travels. Squishy and Z-2 bid a tearful farewell to everyone and the two Zygarde Cores faded away into the sky.[16]

Squishy was seen in a flashback while Bonnie is helping her friends plan a party for Alain.[17]

After fully recuperating in the sun for a while, Squishy and Z-2 returned to Earth where they can live peacefully. But upon their arrival, they discovered that the remaining negative energy from the Team Flare crisis is spreading out within the Kalos region. They struggle to find the location of the negative energy, but it proved to be a difficult task for them to accomplish. However, when Squishy saw how Greninja was able to locate the negative energy when he destroyed the plant, Squishy realized that Greninja would be the one to guide them to the source. When Xerosic was defeated and arrested by Officer Jenny, Squishy took Greninja to Z-2 and they asked him to help protect Kalos from the negative energy. Greninja bid Ash and his friends a tearful farewell and accepted their request. Before they left, Squishy promised Ash they will take care of Greninja and will see Bonnie again when their mission is over and Bonnie wishes goodbye to Squishy, promising to become a trainer when they meet again. After that, Greninja, Squishy and Z-2 waved goodbye to Ash and his friends and walked away into the forest.[18]

Squishy was later seen with Z-2 watching Greninja destroy a root during their mission in protecting Kalos.[19]

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  • Squishy is the first Legendary Pokémon to travel with the gang, with the second instance of this being Nebby.
  • Squishy's designated name by Team Flare is Z-1.
  • Despite appearing in Generation VI, Squishy is a Generation VII Pokémon, as it is incapable of being identified by the Pokédex and its video game counterparts have been confirmed to play a major role in the story of Sun and Moon.
  • In Dream a Little Dream For Me!, Squishy sounded similar to Giovanni's voice but in a British accent.