This Crobat is a poison/flying-type Pokémon owned by Palace Maven Spenser.


Spenser used his Crobat in the Battle Frontier's opening ceremony against an Electrode and a Swalot while it was teaming with Lucy's Seviper. Crobat used Poison Fang on Electrode while Seviper used Poison Tail on Electrode as well, badly damaging Electrode. In the end, Crobat and Seviper won the battle.[1] Crobat was with Spenser and the other Frontier Brains, who made a deal with Emerald.[2]

After Noland got attacked, Spenser descended down to the reporter that followed Emerald around. He warned the reported Emerald's challenge could be canceled, due to this incident.[3]

Spenser and Crobat faced Emerald, as the Frontier Brains suspected him to be Noland's attacker, who stole Sceptile from the storage system.[4] After being told about Jirachi, the Frontier Brains went with Emerald to Artisan Cave. There, the group faced Smeargle, so Spenser had his Crobat attack them.[5] While facing Guile, Spenser had Crobat use Air Cutter. However, Guile waved his sword and repelled all attacks away from the Frontier Brains.[6]

Later on, Crobat was near Spenser when he talked to Scott about Guile.[7] After leaving the group, Spenser went with Crobat to the Battle Palace. There, Spenser called his Crobat back in its Poké Ball.[8] Eventually, Spenser came out of the Battle Palace with Seviper and faced Ruby and Sapphire.[9][10] Emerald faced Spenser, who sent out his three Pokémon - Crobat, Slaking and Lapras - that would fight against Emerald's three Pokémon.[11] Crobat faced Emerald's Sudowoodo in a battle Crobat lost.[12]

Spenser and Crobat joined the other Frontier Brains, who tried to calm down the rental Pokémon, while also dealing with the flood.[13]

Spenser's Crobat intimidated Team Aqua and Magma admins; they wanted to know where Zinnia was, but the admins replied she didn't say where she went to.[14]

Known moves

  • Using Poison Fang
  • Using Air Cutter


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