"Godey built the Space-Time Towers as a beacon of hope for both people and Pokémon."
— Alice stating the reason why Godey built the towers in The Rise of Darkrai.

The Space-Time Tower (時空の塔 Space-Time Tower) is a double-tiered tower in Alamos Town, and was constructed by the famous architect Godey. It is also known as the largest musical instrument in the world.


The Space-Time Tower is comprised of two towers joined together by a bridge-like gateway with a staircase spiraling up to the very apex of the two towers. Despite being part of the same structure, both the Space and the Time Towers have slight differences in their design.

The Space Tower, located on the left, has small purple domes jutting out of its exterior structure, and has a central design somewhat resembling Palkia's Lustrous Orb. It also has a rotating constellation of pink orbs at the center. The Time Tower, located on the right, has diamond shaped objects encrusted over the spire, and a central design resembling that of Dialga's Adamant Orb. It also has a variety of pendulums at the center.

The Space-Time Towers play Oración.

Tonio, Godey's great-grandson and budding scientist, works in his office, located at the base of the Space-Time Towers. Arguably the most famous aspect of the Space-Time Towers is the musical instrument positioned between the Towers. The instrument is reached by scaling a winding staircase. The instrument activates by placing a disc-like object into a slot, and seems to run through an electricity source of some sort. Oración is the most notable song played by the machine, as it was able to quell the rage of Dialga and Palkia.

The mural featuring Alicia in the music room.

When Oración is played by the Space-Time Towers, it emits a faint yellow glow, which reforms into a pair of wings. This glow is powerful enough to heal the cracks on Palkia's pearl caused by Dialga. The Space-Time Towers are also host to the Alamos Town Pokémon Contest, which takes place in a large dome at the back of the Towers. There is also a mural depicting a younger Alicia playing a soothing melody to other Pokémon.


The Space-Time Towers in the anime.

  • The inspiration for the design of the Space-Time Towers came from a Roman cathedral, the Sagrada Família.
    • This cathedral was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi, which seems to be the inspiration of both Godey and Tonio's names.
  • The Space-Time Towers were briefly shown in A Secret Sphere of Influence!, where Gardenia is showing Ash around Eterna Museum, appearing as a scaled model in the background.
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