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"Pokémon aren't tools. Pokémon aren't just vehicles. People and Pokémon can share their feelings and benefit together from it. It's not a one-way street. By sharing our abilities, people can even fly, and Pokémon can be made happier.

–Solana in one of her letters to Spenser

Solana is the female playable protagonist in the first Pokémon Ranger game. She is a Pokémon Ranger that operates in the Fiore region.

If her counterpart Lunick is chosen as the playable protagonist instead, Solana will appear as a helpful NPC.


Unlike many of the other female protagonists in the Pokémon games (who are often preteens), Solana appears to be a teenager. She has fair skin, spiky blue hair, and red eyes. She is also slender and fit, has long legs, and is tall (which is backed up by the fact that someone calls her a "big girl" early on in the game). However, despite her size and height, Solana wears a Ranger uniform that is apparently a little big for her (according to Spenser). Her uniform consists of an open red vest with white cuffs and yellow triangles, a white shirt, a black leotard, and matching black brief-like shorts with a gold waistband. For accessories, Solana wears a red headband, a white belt, and black and white fingerless gloves that match her shorts and leotard. On her feet, she wears very long black socks with gold borders at the tops and red and white high-top shoes with black lines.


While the playable version of Solana has no spoken dialogue, her personality can readily be seen through her actions and the dialogue of NPCs. Personality wise, Solana is energetic, driven, and has a courageous heart. She is selfless and will readily do anything to uphold her duty as a Ranger, even if it means putting herself at risk. She is also a talented writer and is very good at expressing herself through letters. The NPC version of Solana is much the same, aside from the fact that her personality can actually be seen through her dialogue.



Before the events of the game, Solana wrote seven letters to a Ranger named Spenser. In them, she expressed her dream to become a Pokémon Ranger and help others in need. Due to Solana's talent at writing, Spenser was able to build up a very good impression of her- he formed an impression based around how Solana had trained and built her body to become a Ranger, how she selflessly helped people, and how she lived in harmony with Pokémon and fought to protect nature.

After receiving Spenser's response, Solana puts on her new uniform and meets him in Fall City's harbor the next Sunday. There, after being introduced, Solana courageously saves a wild Plusle's life after it harmlessly pranks a wild Houndoom. Impressed, Spenser gives her an official certificate confirming that Solana is now a Ranger. After Solana takes the Ranger's Oath, Spenser calls his Fearow to Fly them to the settlement of Ringtown. However, they are shocked when the Plusle that Solana had saved grips her leg just as they take off. After they touch down, they eventually have to release the Plusle, still shocked that it managed to cling to Solana's leg the entire way.

After solving a series of problems in the Lyra Forest and forming an emotional connection with the Plusle from before, Solana officially begins her duties as a Ranger. She helps dozens of people throughout the Fiore region, fights back the evil Go-Rock Squad, and eventually hones her skills to the point that she becomes one of the best Rangers in the Pokémon World.


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Solana has made a few appearances in the anime. She first appeared in The Green Guradian. She accompanied Ash and his friends when they tried to help an injured Celebi. She later appeared in the episodes Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis Part 1 and 2, where she met up with Ash and his friends again and got involved in an incident with Deoxys.

She was also shown in the intro for a while starting from All That Glitters Is Not Golden and made a brief appearance in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.

In her first two appearances, she was a Rank 3 Ranger. In Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu Part 1 and 2, Solana appeared with a new uniform and did not have her Plusle with her.


  • Solana is the only female playable protagonist of the Pokémon Ranger games to appear in the anime.