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Solaceon Town is a small town in Sinnoh where Sinnoh's Pokémon Day Care can be found. The Solaceon Ruins are to the east of the town, where Unown can be found. After completing a mission by finding a young boy in the Solaceon Ruins, the boy will gift the player with a Seal Case.

In addition to the local Day Care, there is a reporter's house to the east of the Pokémon Center. When talking to the reporter, he will give the player an assignment to catch a Pokémon (that is native to Sinnoh) and bring it to him so he can write a report. The player has one day to bring the requested Pokémon to him or the assignment will be canceled. He offers a small reward for the player upon bringing the Pokémon to him.


Solaceon is most likely derived from "solace", which means consolation.

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