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The Societea (Japanese: ティーパーティー Tea Party) is a secret society that first appeared in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. The Societea was once a group of thieves before they founded the Pokémon Pinchers. They group eventually disbanded when the members got too old. The Societea was revived by Edward to search for the legendary Golden Armor, which grants immortality to those who wear it.

In the game they are found one by one by the player character, not knowing that the seemingly harmless elderly people are actually members of the Societea. Their true nature is revealed when they raise the Sky Fortress and make plans to rule the world. They show a display of their new power by destroying Dolce Island. The Rangers infiltrate's the Sky Fortress to put an end to their plans. One by one, the Player defeats Kasa, Hocus, and Arley causing their armor to teleport them away. After Edward is defeated, a vengeful Purple-Eye's teleports in with a Gardevior, steals the piece of armor Edward has, and reveals he stole the other pieces of armor from the rest of the Societea. Purple-Eyes then uses the full set of armor to power up the Mewtwo Edward was using and has it teleport Edward and Rand (who dove in to protect Edward) away. After Mewtwo is defeated a second time, Rand returns and reveals Edward was teleported somewhere far away and that he will not return with his plans foiled. Murph later reveals that the rest of the Societea were found in the ocean and promptly captured, ending the Societea for good.


  • Edward: Edward is the leader of the Societea and Pokémon Pinchers.
  • Kasa: Kasa is a master of disguise and deception
  • Hocus: Hocus is a skilled magician and master of illusions.
  • Arley: Arley is a strong man who used to be a former wrestler


Societea is a pun on how the members meet up: by having a tea party.