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Snowpoint City is a city in north Sinnoh. The Gym Leader, Candice, and the challengers inside have a variety of Ice-type Pokémon. Buildings here include the Pokémon Center, Snowpoint Temple, Poké Mart, and the entrance to Lake Acuity, the home of the legendary Pokémon Uxie. In Snowpoint Temple there is a legendary Pokémon named Regigigas who the player cannot battle until you have caught or battled the original members of the Regi Trio.

Snowpoint Pokémon Gym

Main article: Snowpoint City Gym

The route to the gym leader is blocked by several snowballs. The player must slip from the higher ground towards the snowball with force to knock it down to clear the route. Maneuvering through the maze that makes up the gym will eventually lead to Candice.

In the anime

Hunter J arrived there. Her target was Regigigas, but Ash and co. stopped her again with a little help from Brandon.

Dawn's rival Zoey is from here, as revealed by Zoey herself in confirming stories May had heard while visiting here before the Wallace Cup. Ash encountering Azelf in Lake Valor during said event started the whole conversation in question off, as his description of his encounter caused Dawn to remember her own with Mesprit followed by May's mention of the stories she heard while in Snowpoint to evolve her Eevee into Glaceon.

Zoey, in her youth, had been friends with Candice. It was also during this time that she first met her ace Pokémon Glameow, whom she raised alongside Candice.


Ash and Goh head to Snowpoint City to return a Piplup to its Trainer. All three even partook in the Pokémon Iceberg Race which unfortunately was called off due to Team Rocket's interference.[1]


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