Snowbelle City is a normal-sized city located in mountain Kalos and is home to the eighth Kalos League Pokémon Gym, the Snowbelle City Gym. Wulfric, the leader of Snowbelle City Gym, specialises in Ice-type Pokémon. This city connects Route 19 in the northeast, Route 20 in the southwest and Route 21 in the west.


It includes a Pokémon Center, the Snowbelle City Gym, a Boutique, and some cabins. To the southwest is Route 20 which leads into the Pokémon Village, to the west is Route 21 and Victory Road, while to the east is Route 19 which leads to Couriway Town.

Places of Interest


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Item Games Location/Method
Gracidea (key) Gracidea X/Y From the Beauty in the Pokémon Center after showing her a Shaymin
Fighting TM Gen VI Sprite TM08 X/Y From the Battle Girl in the house northwest of the northeastern Abomasnow
Bag Revive Sprite Revive X/Y From the man in the house northwest of the previous house if the player shows him a Pokémon knowing Mat Block
Icy Rock Sprite Icy Rock X/Y In the snow pile just west of the previous house (hidden)
Full Heal Sprite Full Heal X/Y On the snow pile west of the Gym (hidden)
X Special Sprite X Sp. Atk X/Y On the tree southwest of the Gym; near the closest house (hidden)
Full Restore Sprite Full Restore X/Y In the west edge of the city, down an ice slope


Poké Mart Right Counter
Item Price
Heal Ball Sprite Heal Ball Poké Dollar300
Net Ball Sprite Net Ball Poké Dollar1,000
Nest Ball Sprite Nest Ball Poké Dollar1,000
Dusk Ball Sprite Dusk Ball Poké Dollar1,000
Quick Ball Sprite Quick Ball Poké Dollar1,000
Timer Ball Sprite Timer Ball Poké Dollar1,000
Repeat Ball Sprite Repeat Ball Poké Dollar1,000
Poké Mart Right Counter



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  • In the house directly behind the Pokémon Center, a girl will play a piano arrangement of the Jubilife City song upon request.


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