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'''Snatch''' is a {{Type|Dark}} type move that steals the effects of any healing or status-changing move the foe attempts to use.
{{Infobox Move
|Effect = Gives the user a [[Status Conditions#Snatch|Snatch]] status.
If the selected target uses a status move upon itself in the same turn Snatch was used, that effect will be received by the user of Snatch instead.
|Type = {{Dark}} {{Status}}
|PP = 17
The moves that can be affected by Snatch include stat boosters as [[Swords Dance]] and [[Calm Mind]] as well as others like [[Substitute]]. Snatch cannot steal the effects of [[Helping Hand]].
|Power =
|Accuracy = 100%
|Range = User
'''PP''': 10 (max. 16)<br />'''Power''': —<br />'''Accuracy''': —<br />'''Priority''': +4
*Does not make contact
*Not affected by [[Protect]]
*Not affected by [[Magic Coat]]
*Not affected by '''Snatch'''
*Not affected by [[BrightPowder]]
*Not affected by [[King's Rock]]
[[Category:Dark-type moves]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by Snatch]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by Magic Coat]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by King's Rock]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by BrightPowder]]
[[Category:Non-Contact Moves]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by Detect or Protect]]

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