This Smeargle, nicknamed Smea Smea, is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Whitney.



Smeargle was a Pokémon that belonged to Whitney, before she gave it to DJ Mary.[1]

It was first seen drawing upon Gold's face while he was asleep. Smeargle was then chased around Goldenrod City by Gold, but he was unable to catch it. When he pursued it to the Goldenrod Radio Station, he discovered that it belonged to his idol, DJ Mary.[1] After Gold won the race, he demanded Smeargle to apologize to him. Instead, Smeargle smudged Gold's face, which made him chase Smeargle around.[2]

Later, Smeargle went with Mary, Whitney and the rest of the radio tower crew to Mahogany Town's Gym.[3] There, it was used to help Whitney and Pryce in the fight against the ice replica of Suicune. Smeargle was able to smudge its face, which allowed Whitney to see through its ice-replication strategy.[4]

Smeargle was at the commentary booth with DJ Mary and the radio tower director, who hosted a live broadcast of the Gym Leaders' tournament at Indigo Plateau.[5][6][7][8][9][10]

DJ Mary, her Smeargle and the radio tower director were shocked at Gold's news about Team Rocket's arrival via the train and watched as the Gym Leaders went into the train to battle the Team Rocket Grunts.[11] During the fighting, Smeargle managed to use Sketch to copy Entei's attack and use it to melt the Masked Man's severed legs. Morty noted the attack contained Entei's fires of life.[12]


Smeargle and DJ Mary went to the Battle Frontier via a cruise ship to watch the Pokédex Holders tournament.[13]

Johto II

As Gold attempted to cut the line at the Pokéathlon Dome, Whitney sent her Smeargle to stop him. It sprayed some of its paint on Gold's face and clothes, causing him to crash with his skateboard to a wall.[14] Later, Whitney and Smeargle visited Gold, who had won the Speed Course.[15]

Known moves

  • Using Sketch

  • Using Flamethrower


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