For other versions of Unfezant belonging to Skyla, see Skyla's Unfezant.

This Unfezant is a Normal/Flying Pokémon owned by Skyla.


During Skyla's "air battles", Skyla sent all her Pokémon, including Unfezant, to "battle" her challengers, determining if they deserved her badge. Skyla imagined one trainer's Darumaka being hit by Unfezant's Pluck. After Cilan, who challenged Skyla to prove her ways as a Gym Leader were wrong, defeated her Swoobat, Skyla sent her Unfezant, who got hit by Crustle's Rock Wrecker. Unfezant attempted to hit Crustle with Air Slash, but failed. This made Cilan displeased, thinking that was a poor usage of moves, claiming Skyla should have some strategy and develop her tactics in battle. With that, Crustle used Shell Smash and X-Scissor combo, defeating Unfezant in an instant.[1]

Ash's Pikachu hits Unfezant using Iron Tail.

Skyla, after her Swoobat got defeated, sent Unfezant. Tranquill used Quick Attack on Skyla's Unfezant, but missed. Unfezant released Air Slash on Tranquill, who dodged the move. Seeing Tranquill was exhausted, Ash swapped Tranquill with his Pikachu. Pikachu used Electro Ball, but missed and got hit by Unfezant's Air Slash. Unfezant attempted to defeat Pikachu with Aerial Ace, but Pikachu used Iron Tail much faster on Unfezant, countering the move. With an Electro Ball, Pikachu defeated Unfezant.[2]

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