For other versions of Swoobat belonging to Skyla, see Skyla's Swoobat.

This Swoobat is a psychic/flying-type Pokémon owned by Skyla.


BW069 10

Swoobat laughs at Pansage's failed attacks.

During Skyla's "air battles", Skyla sent all her Pokémon, including Swanna, to "battle" her challengers, determining if they deserved her badge. Swoobat dodged Cilan's Pansage's Bullet Seed and attacked him with Air Cutter. Pansage tried to bite Swoobat, who gusted him away. Fortunately for Cilan, he sent his Crustle, who immediately defeated Swoobat with Rock Wrecker.[1]

Swoobat later on fought against Ash's Krokorok in an official gym match. Swoobat dodged Krokorok's Crunch and used Air Cutter, though Krokorok dodged by digging into a hole. Krokorok managed to hit Swoobat with Stone Edge, despite its Gust attack. Using Air Cutter, Swoobat defeated Krokorok. Ash sent his Tranquill, who exchanged blows with Swoobat using Gust and Air Cutter attacks. Swoobat tried to avoid Tranquill, who managed to defeat Swoobat with Air Cutter.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Gust
  • Using Air Cutter

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