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Sky-Blue Plains, formerly called Sky Blue Plains in Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, is a Rescue Team Camp/Friend Area in the Plains.

Resident Pokémon

MD Jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff
MD Wigglytuff.png Wigglytuff
MD Lickitung.png Lickitung
MD Chansey.png Chansey
MD Igglybuff.png Igglybuff
MD Girafarig.png Girafarig
MD Snubbull.png Snubbull
MD Granbull.png Granbull
MD Smeargle.png Smeargle
MD Blissey.png Blissey
MD Ralts.png Ralts
MD Kirlia.png Kirlia
MD Gardevoir.png Gardevoir

Rescue Team DX only

MD Happiny.png Happiny
MD Lickilicky.png Lickilicky
MD Gallade.png Gallade