Skarmory is a steel/flying-type Pokémon who appears in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!.


Skarmory was the Pokémon that captured Pikachu. When Pichu went to save Pikachu, he was also being captured by Skarmory. Team Go-Getters arrived and launched their attacks on Skarmory, who evaded them. Chikorita and Charmander used their Corsola Twigs on Skarmory, who resisted or dodged them, then attacked the team with Steel Wing and Fury Attack. However, Squirtle ate the seed Pichu gave him and used Bubble, which hit Skarmory, distracting it enough to get hit by the Corsola Twig. With a combined attack, Team Go-Getters defeated Skarmory, who, after the battle, did not feel hostile towards them at all, since she did not remember a thing about the battle.

Known moves

  • Using Whirlwind
  • Using Steel Wing
  • Using Fury Attack


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