This Persian is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Sird.


Kanto II

Persian was with its trainer when the Three Beasts of Team Rocket faced Red, Blue, Lorelei and Bill.[1] It also appeared on the television when the Three Beasts demanded Red, Blue and Green to surrender.[2]

Eventually, Persian, along with Sird's Starmie, battled Lorelei's Jynx and Slowking. Persian tried to use Slash on Lorelei, who dodged and had her Pokémon attack Persian and Starmie.[3] After the battle was over, Persian and Sird joined up with Carr and Forretress, as they walked to the Team Rocket base.[4]

Persian and Starmie with Sird, who had Carr take Orm back to the airship from Six Island.[5] Just as Giovanni was defeated, Sird and Orm sent their Pokémon out to corner Red and Yellow, while Deoxys took Giovanni to his quarters.[6][7] Due to Carr taking control of the airship, Persian used Thief to snatch the remote Red was holding. Sird clicked the remote, which closed the battle stadium and made her take control of the airship.[8]


Sird came to Spear Pillar with Banette, Persian and Starmie, during the fight between Dialga and Palkia.[9]

Known moves

  • Using Slash
  • Using Thief


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