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Sinnoh Route 213 is a route in Sinnoh that links Pastoria City with Valor Lakefront, and via the Lakefront, Routes 214 and 222. The route is mostly covered with sand. This route is also home to two buildings: Hotel Grand Lake and Dr. Footstep's House. On July 11, December 2, and December 31st, it is proven to rain in this area.

Route description

When the player leaves Valor Lakefront, the player can see three suites and a hotel. In the suite on the left, a clown will give the player TM92 Trick Room, and in the suite requiring Rock Climb to get to, a lady gives the player the Coin Toss Pokétch App. In the hotel, if the player talks to the police officer he will heal his or her Pokémon fully. South of the hotel, there is a beach with two Trainers. Following the sandy beach west, the player will find Dr. Footstep's house. South of the house, there is a hidden Heart Scale. North of the house, there is a Rock Climbable ledge leading to a grass patch and item, and a smashable rock hiding a Honey Tree on the right and left respectively. Further north, there is a grass patch leading the player to Pastoria City. North of the grass patch, there is a berry patch.

Dr. Footstep's House

Dr. Footstep examines a trainer's leading Pokémon's footprints and check its Happiness level. As a reward for a high Happiness level, he gives the Pokémon a Footprint Ribbon.

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