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The Silver Conference is the championship competition in the Johto League. Like the Indigo League, the Silver Conference is reference to the location, Indigo League to Indigo Plateau and Mt. Silver to Silver Conference.


Opening ceremonies

Before the conference started they would lit the torch with Ho-Oh's Sacred Flame. They can not start the Johto League without it. According to legend, Ho-Oh help stop a Great War at Mt. Silver by bring back the life to both people and Pokémon. However, one tree remind burn which served as a reminder of the war then they built a shrine at Mt. Silver.



All the over 200 participate are assigned a court to battle in three-rounds of one on one matches. Only 48 Trainers move on to the preliminaries.


The 48 remaining Trainers spilt into 16 groups of three. Each groups in a block participate in a round-robin-tournament in three on three matches. Three points are rewarded for the winner, one point for every draw and zero points for anyone who losses. Trainers with the most points move on to the finals.


After a day of rest, the finals battles are held in the main stadium as part of victory tournament in a rock, water, grass and ice fields. All Trainers battle in full battles. There is a break after one the Trainers losses three Pokémon and during the break there's a field change. Losing Trainers are out of the tournament and the winning Trainers moves on until a winner of the League is decided.

Trainers who competed in the Silver Conference

Jon Dickson, the winner, with the Johto League Championship Trophy.

Other Trainers


  • The competition was broadcast in regions other than Johto. Max stated that he watched the competition in There's no Place Like Hoenn.
  • If Pokémon are caught battling during the Conference outside of official battles, their Trainers may be disqualified. Sparring, however, is allowed.
  • On the eve of the Conference that Ash participated in, Gary noticed that it was a full moon. After Harrison lost, a quarter moon was present. The time between the two is usually either 8 days (third quarter) or 22 days (first quarter), but only about 12 days were represented on screen.
  • This is the only known League Conference with battles where losing doesn't mean elimination from the tournament.