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The Silph Corporation is a company based in the Kanto region, whose aim is to provide tools essential to Pokémon Trainers: namely, Poké Balls, Technical Machines, and a rare Poké Ball known as the Master Ball. It is perhaps known best for its invention of a device that enables invisible Pokémon to become visible, known as the Silph Scope. Their primary base of operations lies in Saffron City, and are rumored to own the entire Poké Mart franchise in the Pokémon World. The President of Silph Co. is an elderly man. During Generation IV, the Silph Co. logo was introduced in the form of a statue situated in the main foyer. Additionally, if the player defeats Blue, a scientist will reward the player with a Lapras.


Generation I

Generation III

Generation IV

You can only receive those Pokémon after defeating Red and you can only receive one of those Pokémon

  • Beldum Same as traded Pokémon


In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the Normal Uniform's sponsor logo is the Silph Co. logo. This makes it the only company to sponsor a Galarian Gym (albeit a minor league one) that doesn't offer Poké Jobs.

In other languages

Language Name
English Silph Co.
Spanish Silph S.A.
Italian Silph SPA
French Sylphe SARL
German Silph Co.
Japanese シルフカンパニー
Korean 실프주식회사
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