Sigourney is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced Battle.


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Sigourney was the sage of Izabe Island, who approached the heroes and told them about the giant stone Poké Ball. He also tried to sell them souvenirs, but failed. Regardless, he told them about the story of the sage, who vanished the dangerous power that threatened the island into the stone Poké Ball, which lied on the island's lake, according to the ancient book he had Just as they visited the lake, Team Rocket appeared to set the power loose, even if Sigourney warned them not to do that. Team Rocket did not listen to him and opened the Poké Ball, which released a giant Claydol that started rampaging. Thus, Sigourney read the book to find ways to stop Claydol. Sigourney told the heroes they needed to use water to defeat Claydol, who simply reflected the attacks. He also read Claydol was interested in eggplants, so Ash and James wore costumes of eggplants, only for Sigourney to read that Claydol hated them. He also read Claydol was interested in the maiden that distracted Claydol; the latter pursued Wobbuffet, dressed as a woman, much to Jessie, May and Meowth's displeasure. In the end, Claydol was sealed inside the stone Poké Ball, which rolled down to the lake, the same spot where it lied once more. Sigourney, however, thought one day they could communicate with Claydol, who would stop rampaging.

Episode appearances

Episode Title
RS105 Claydol Big and Tall
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