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The Shoal Cave seen from outside.

Shoal Cave is a cave in the Hoenn region. Here one can gather items such as the Shoal Salt and the Shoal Shell. After four of each of the Shoal Salt and the Shoal Shell are gathered, the player character can give the items to an old man so he can make the Shell Bell for the player character.


Location of the shoal cave.

At certain moments, the Shoal Cave switches between Low tide and High tide

Low tide

The icy area.

During low tide, there is barely any water in the cave, allowing access to Shoal Salts and the Ice part of the cave, the only place in the entire game where Snorunt can be caught.

High tide

During high tide, most of the cave is flooded, which means one has to surf most of the time. The high water allows access to points otherwise unreachable, where the items usually are found.

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