This Raichu is an Electric-type Pokémon owned by Sho.


Sho’s Raichu was battling Ash's Pikachu, after all Pikachu and Raichu’s Volt Tackle came up with a tie, by then, Raichu use its tail to stick Pikachu on the rock then he use Hyper Beam, which hurts Pikachu badly.

After the battle, Pikachu got defeated by Sho’s Raichu and then Ash has taken him to the Pokemon Center, Pikachu was frustrated at the Pokémon Center after Raichu defeating him. In the next round it wasn’t the same, Pikachu was doing it best trying to defeat Raichu, at the end, Pikachu defeated Raichu with its Iron Tail, Ash was proud of Pikachu that he defeated Sho’s Raichu after all,he had lost to him before.

Known moves


  1. ^ DP074: Pika and Goliath!, Raichu does not have the yellow line on its belly
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