These two shiny Guzzlord is a Dark/Dragon-type Pokémon that appeared in SM140: Z-Move Showdown!. They are lead by regular Guzzlord.


Just after their leader, a regular Guzzlord, arrived at Manalo Stadium, these two shiny Guzzlords arrived through two different Ultra Wormholes to help their leader in its plans to invade Alola. Ash's friends and rivals managed to send one of the shiny Guzzlords through the Ultra Wormhole with their Z-Moves. However, Kukui and Ash were having a difficult time sending the giant shiny Guzzlord through the Wormhole due to its enormous size. Suddenly, Naganadel, whom Ash released when it was a Poipole, appeared through its own Ultra Wormhole and flies down to save them. With the combined powers of Pikachu and Naganadel, Ash and Kukui sent the giant shiny Guzzlord packing through the wormhole.

Known moves

  • Using Snarl


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