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This Shaymin is a Grass-type Pokémon that appears in the Sun & Moon series that was temporarily owned by Mallow.


Due to being the Gratitude Pokémon, Shaymin likes to see the gratitude from both people and Pokémon, shown when it was attracted to Mallow's gratitude towards her late mother. Also, Shaymin instantly bonded with Mallow as it was very grateful that she decided to take care of it until the next Gracidea Flower season came so it can change into its Sky Form and fly off. Shaymin easily made friends with the Pokémon that belong to Mallow's friends. Also, Shaymin has shown to be helpful as it enjoys helping in Mallow's family restaurant, kept Sandy from getting hurt and went looking for Mallow's headband.



Shaymin and Mallow.

Shaymin took an interest in Mallow right away and accepted her offer to stay with her until the day it takes flight. Through that time, Shaymin became close to Mallow and enjoys doing various things with her or helping out at her families restaurant. However, Shaymin had to say goodbye to Mallow when it had to take flight but knew it will always be friends with Mallow no matter what.


Shaymin and Tsareena.

Shaymin easily formed an unbreakable friendship with Tsareena and enjoys spending time with her. Also, Shaymin would sometimes be held in Tsareena arms and had been strongly influences by her. Shaymin and Tsareena parted ways but knew their friendship will always be there no matter where they were.


Shaymin meeting Mallow and Tsareena.

Shaymin was found behind the recently growing rose by Mallow and her Tsareena, after the spirit of Mallow's mother fades away and leaves to the afterlife after their brief reunion when the fog faded away. Shaymin was brought by Mallow and Tsareena as they introduced it to their friends. Having already taking a liking to her, Shaymin accepts Mallow's offer to stay with her until it awakens its Sky Forme someday.[1]

Shaymin later witnessed Tapu Fini's ritual of Hapu becoming Poni Island's new Island Kahuna. It later watched Ash and Pikachu's grand trial against Hapu and her Mudsdale, which the latter emerged victorious and won the Steelium Z. Shaymin was introduced to Professor Kukui, who arrived on the island to pick everyone up, by Mallow then left Poni Island with her and began traveling to Melemele Island with her.[2]

Shaymin with its two close friends, Snowy and Sandy.

After arriving Melemele Island, Shaymin began living with Mallow in her home and helped her in her father's restaurant, and Tsareena is the one who taught it.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

It later joined Mallow on her Ultra Guardians mission to stop the Ultra Beast, Pheromosa from stealing Z-Crystals.[10]

Shaymin being hugged by Mallow after it retrieved her headband.

While Tsareena is too busy helping Mallow’s father Abe, Shaymin is the only Pokémon who joins its friend to the windy Malie City. It rescues its friend Sandy from being hit by car. When Mallow’s bandanna got caught by a strong wind, Shaymin follows it, followed by Sandy and Ash's Meltan who accompanied it. After getting Mallow’s bandanna, they are trapped by Team Rocket, who forget that Meltan can swallow their metal traps before surrounding the three Pokémon before they escape, leaving Shaymin protected by Sandy and Meltan before Mallow, Ash and Lana arrived. Shaymin heals Sandy quickly upon the latter was hit by Sludge Bomb from James' Mareanie. After Bewear and Stufful drags Team Rocket away from the battle, Shaymin give Mallow her bandanna back.[9]

Shaymin later watched Ash and Kiawe's battle against the Gym Leader of the Kantonian Gym, Ryuki. While Kiawe lost the first part of the battle with his Marowak, Ash managed to defeat Ryuki in a double battle with Meltan and Rowlet.[11]

Sometime later, Shaymin watched Sophocles and his Vikavolt participate in the Vikavolt Race, which they won and received the Buginium Z. After the race, Shaymin witnessed Hapu giving Sophocles a Z-Ring for his valiant efforts of saving the other contestants' Vikavolt from Team Rocket.[12]

Shaymin later went fishing with Mallow and witnessed her reeling in a Bruxish. It later heard the news about the evolution of Lana's Primarina.[13]

Shaymin helping Tsareena in Forest Pokémon Café.

Shaymin later helped Mallow and Tsareena in Oranguru in serving the hungry Pokémon in the Forest Pokémon Café. But at the end of the day, Mallow's biggest challenge was cooking for the Tapu Guradian, Tapu Koko. Mallow didn't want to at first, but with the support of Oranguru, Shaymin, and Tsareena, she managed to make a satisfying meal for it. Tapu Koko rewarded Mallow the Grassium Z for helping Oranguru in its café while Oranguru gave her a Z-Ring. When they returned to Aina's Kitchen, Shaymin, Tsareena and Mallow were surprised that their friends helped out at the restaurant while they were gone. After Olivia fixed up Mallow's Z-Ring, Shaymin, Tsareena and their friends were excited that Mallow along with her friends all have Z-Rings.[14]

At the school, Shaymin watched Mallow and Tsareena practicing their poses for their Z-Move, along with their friends.[15] At Lillie's Mansion, Shaymin was then seen having lunch with its friends.[16] Sometime later, Shaymin was training at Lillie's place for the Alola League alongside its friends.[17]

During the Alola League, Shaymin was used in a Battle Royal during the first round and one of 16 competitors to move to the finals.[18] Shaymin later watched the rest of the Alola League with Mallow, her classmates, and the other Pokémon.[19][20][21][22]

After Lana's Primarina was defeated at the hands of Guzma and his Golisopod, Shaymin healed the poisonous effects of the Poison Jab with Aromatherapy.[23]

At some point during the Ultra Beast crisis, Shaymin helped join everyone to defeated one of the Guzzlord at the Manalo Conference.[24]

After the Alola League and bidding farewell to its friends, Shaymin turned into its Sky Form while being in contact with the Gracidea flowers Ulu bought. Then, three Shaymin appeared from outside Mallow's restaurant and departed after saying goodbye to Mallow, her family and Tsareena.[25]

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  • Being one of the few Pokémon under care of the main characters without catching them with Poké Balls, Shaymin appears to share similar case as Misty's Togetic (when it was a Togepi), Squishy, and Nebby (prior evolving into Solgaleo). Due to this, Shaymin is the very first Mythical Pokémon to be part of the main cast, accompanied by a fully owned Mythical Pokémon, Ash's Melmetal, and its fellow watching over Pokémon Magearna.
  • After turning into its Sky Forme, Shaymin’s eyes are reminiscent of those of Mallow’s late mother.
  • As a member of the Ultra Guardians, despite being genderless, Shaymin wears a pendant that is commonly associated with female Pokémon members of the Ultra Guardians. This also occurs with Ash's Melmetal and Naganadel, both wearing pendants associated with male Pokémon.
    • Shaymin is also one of the known expanded Pokémon of the Ultra Guardians who is not one of its original founding Pokémon, the others are Lana's Eevee, Naganadel and Melmetal.