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This Orange Flower Flabébé is a Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Shauna.


Flabébé and Shauna, with her Bulbasaur, winning her first Key.

Flabébé first appeared when it helped Shauna compete in a Pokémon Showcase located in Coumarine City. It performed together with Bulbasaur, with Flabébé using Fairy Wind to spread glitter around the stage. The performance was good enough to give Shauna the win, thus winning the Showcase.[1] Monsieur Pierre showed the video of Shauna's performance with her Pokémon later on.[2]

Shauna used Flabébé for the second round of Anistar City's Showcase. Flabébé used Fairy Wind, while Ivysaur grabbed Shauna and started to carry her through the dust.[3]

Shauna came to Glorio City with Flabébé, to participate in the Master Class Tournament. Shauna used Flabébé in one of the rounds.[4] In the finals, Shauna had Flabébé used Fairy Wind, which Ivysaur managed to form into a tornado by using Vine Whip. In addition, Ivysaur collided its Solar Beam attack with Flabébé's Moonblast. To keep on going, Shauna had Flabébé use Fairy Wind, to keep the spotlight on herself. In the end, Shauna was not chosen to go into the finals.[5]

Serena and Shauna performing with their Pokémon.

During the performance in Lumiose City, Flabébé danced with Shauna and Ivysaur to spread hapiness to the people. She also used Moonblast to collide with Serena's Sylveon's Swift and spread glitter around. Along with Sylveon's Fairy Wind and Jessie's Gourgeist's Seed Bomb, Flabébé used Moonblast to collide with the attacks, creating fireworks to end the performance.[6]

Voice Actor

Megumi Hayashibara

Known moves