Shadow Mewtwo (known as Dark Mewtwo in Japan) is a playable Pokémon in the Wii U and arcade versions of Pokkén Tournament (though it has to be unlocked by clearing the Chroma League in the Wii U version) and Pokkén Tournament DX. Shadow Mewtwo resembles Mewtwo save for its black skin, orange tail tip, and orange crystal embedded in its left shoulder. Shadow Mewtwo is notable in that its Pokémon Moves (save for Recover) consume its own HP.

Move List

Default Input Move Name Description Damage Move Type
Y (Field Phase) Ranged Attack Shadow Mewtwo thrusts its hand forward and three yellow balls of electricity shoot forward towards the opponent. Combining this move with Miracle Eye will cause the balls to freeze in place, then head for the opponent's current location. 48 Normal
Side+Y (Field Phase) Side Ranged


Shadow Mewtwo shoots three V-shaped spinning projectiles at its opponent. This move stops opponents. Combining this move with Miracle Eye will cause the projectiles to freeze in place and become circles of energy. 48 per projectile Normal

(Field Phase)


Ranged Attack

Shadow Mewtwo slashes at its opponent with blades made of fire and ice. Always causes a Phase Shift. 110 Normal

(Field Phase)


Ranged Attack

Shadow Mewtwo gestures and a column of light moves forward towards its opponent. Combining this move with Miracle Eye makes the column bigger, more powerful, and cause a phase shift. 30 Normal
Y (Midair) (Field Phase) Jumping Ranged Attack Shadow Mewtwo hurls three purple blobs of energy that home in at its opponent. 12 per projectile Normal
X, X, X (Field Phase) Homing Attack Shadow Mewtwo rushes towards its opponent, delivers an uppercut using a fist made of energy with the first X press, kicks with the second, and shoots an energy vortex out of its hand with the third. Can negate blocks and counters when fully charged. 132-200 Normal
X (Midair) Jumping Attack (Field Phase)/Midair

Strong Attack (Duel Phase)

Shadow Mewtwo drill-kicks its opponent. Bypasses counters when fully charged. 80-100 (Field Phase)

60-80 (Duel Phase)

Y, Y (Duel Phase) Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo thrusts its hand forward and manifests an X-shaped purple energy blast with the first Y press, and, if the move connects, a circular energy blast with the second. 30 (first blast)

64 (second blast)

Forward+Y (Duel Phase) Forward Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo sets up an energy column behind its opponent, then performs an energy uppercut on them to knock them into the column. When combined with Miracle Eye, the column behaves similarly to how it does when Miracle Eye is combined with Backward Ranged Attack. 74 (punch)

28 (column)

Up+Y, Y (Duel Phase) High Stance Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo performs a rapid kick into the air with the first Y press and a roundhouse kick with the second. The roundhouse kick is chargeable. 9-54 (rapid kick)

60-80 (roundhouse


Down+Y, Y (Duel Phase) Low Stance Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo crouches and slashes at the opponent with its fire and ice blades. 47 Normal
Y (Midair) (Duel Phase) Midair Weak Attack Shadow Mewtwo gestures and several rings of purple energy spheres orbit around it. 20-56 Normal
X, X (Duel Phase) Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo slashes at the opponent with its fire and ice blades, the first X press being a horizontal slash and the second X press being a circular vertical slash. 30+90 Normal
Forward+X (Duel Phase) Forward Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo charges forward with a pink energy disc in front of it. 60 Normal

(Duel Phase)

Backward Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo hits the opponent with a flurry of energy punches. 60 Normal
Up+X (Duel Phase) High Stance Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo shoots an electrical beam from its hand towards the ground. Stuns the opponent for a short time and has different properties in Burst Mode. 60 Normal
Down+X (Duel Phase) Low Stance Strong Attack Shadow Mewtwo does a sliding kick. 60 Normal
Y+B Grab Attack In Field Phase, Shadow Mewtwo grabs the opponent and damages them with pink energy waves, while in Duel Phase, Shadow Mewtwo psychokinetically grabs the opponent before sending them airborne and ending the attack with an energy-infused shove. 60 (Field Phase), 90 (Duel Phase) Grab
X+A Counter Attack Shadow Mewtwo flies forward surrounded by purple energy. 40-91 Counter
R (Midair) Midair Dash Shadow Mewtwo flies forward. N/A N/A
A Psywave Shadow Mewtwo charges up a ball of dark energy with an orange core which grows in size briefly if held for a while. Consumes HP upon pressing A and upon using any of the follow-up inputs. Pressing A, B, X, Y, or R during this move changes what the move does. N/A N/A
A (During Psywave) Psywave~Blast Shadow Mewtwo shoots the energy ball forward. The ball penetrates all objects and almost guarantees a Phase Shift in Field Phase if used at a close distance if A was pressed from a fully charged Psywave. 57-120 Normal
X (During Psywave) Psywave~Vortex Shadow Mewtwo absorbs the Psywave and spins into a vortex of dark energy, which acts as a counter and pierces all normal counters. The vortex increases in diameter and damage if X was pressed from a fully charged Psywave. 118-154 Counter
Y (During Psywave) Psywave~Slash Shadow Mewtwo absorbs the Psywave and slashes at the opponent up to three times. Initial slash range and damage are increased if Y was pressed from a fully charged Psywave. Can combo into Blast, Vortex or Teleport after the first slash. 20-40 (first slash), 94-150 (all three slashes) Normal
B/R (During Psywave) Psywave~Teleport Briefly renders Shadow Mewtwo invulnerable and teleports. Remains in the same position if no input is given. R teleports Shadow Mewtwo horizontally, while B teleports Shadow Mewtwo upwards slightly. The direction Shadow Mewtwo teleports in can be controlled with directional inputs. N/A N/A
Forward+A Zen Headbutt Shadow Mewtwo charges forward, surrounded by psychic energy. Consumes HP. 40-80 Normal
Backward+A Miracle Eye A colorful eye symbol appears in front of Shadow Mewtwo, changing the properties of certain attacks. Consumes HP. N/A N/A
Charge and release A Recover Shadow Mewtwo surrounds itself with a green aura and curls up. Can restore up to 60 HP. N/A N/A
A (Midair) Reflect Shadow Mewtwo creates a barrier of seven purplish energy hexagons. Consumes HP. N/A Counter
A (During Reflect) Flamethrower Shadow Mewtwo shoots a stream of fire from its hand. Stuns opponents and consumes HP. 92 Normal
X (During Reflect) Earthquake Shadow Mewtwo flips over and slams the barrier into the ground, launching its opponent into the air. Consumes HP. 120 Normal
Y (During Reflect) Thunder Shadow Mewtwo causes a lightning bolt to strike at its opponent's current position. Stuns opponents and consumes HP. 100 Normal
Up+A (Duel Phase) Psystrike Shadow Mewtwo stirs up a vortex of particles with the first A press, jumps into the air while damaging the opponent with the second, and charges up energy to become several particle beams with the third. Consumes HP. 63 (first hit), 71 (second hit), 107 (third hit) Normal
Down+ A Teleport Shadow Mewtwo teleports, similarly to Psywave~Teleport. Consumes HP. N/A N/A
L+R (During Synergy Burst) Dark Nova Mega Shadow Mewtwo X releases a blast of energy that pierces counters. Shadow Mewtwo then flies high above Earth and forms a black hole in its hand, which it then throws down to Earth, exploding. Shadow Mewtwo then returns to the stage. 250 Normal

Poké Combos

Default Input Name Description Damage Move Type
Y, Y, Y (Midair) (Field Phase) Poké Combo 1 Jumping Ranged Attack followed by Reflect and Thunder. 92 Normal
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y (Duel Phase) Poké Combo 2 Weak Attack followed by Psywave~Slash. 162 Normal
Down+Y, Y, Y (Duel Phase) Poké Combo 3 Low Stance Weak Attack followed by Zen Headbutt. 116 Normal
Y, Y, Y (Midair) (Duel Phase) Poké Combo 4 Jumping Ranged Attack followed by Reflect and Thunder. 143 Normal
Forward+X, X (Duel Phase) Poké Combo 5 Forward Strong Attack followed by Zen Headbutt. 128 Normal


  • Shadow Mewtwo and Pikachu Libre are the only Pokémon playable in Pokkén Tournament that are alternate forms of other Pokémon playable in the game.
  • Shadow Mewtwo, in both English and Japanese, shares the first part of its name with that of the various Shadow Pokémon from the Orre games. It's unknown whether there's any connection between them.
  • Mega Shadow Mewtwo X, Lucario, and Croagunk are the only dual-type Pokémon playable in Pokkén Tournament to have no Pokémon Moves that correspond to their secondary types (Blaziken has High Jump Kick and Sky Uppercut, Gardevoir has Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam, Scizor has Metal Claw and Bullet Punch, Aegislash has Shadow Sneak, Mega Sceptile has Dragon Breath, Gengar has Sludge Bomb, Decidueye has Spirit Shackle, Empoleon has Steel Wing, Mega Mewtwo X has Drain Punch and Focus Blast, Weavile has Icicle Crash and Ice Punch, Charizard has Air Slash (corresponding to its normal form's secondary type) and Dragon Claw (corresponding to its Mega X form's secondary type), and Garchomp has Dig, Earthquake, and Sand Tomb). Shadow Mewtwo's Pokémon Moves are Psywave (Psychic), Zen Headbutt (Psychic), Miracle Eye (Psychic), Recover (Normal), Reflect (Psychic), Flamethrower (Fire), Earthquake (Ground), Thunder (Electric), Psystrike (Psychic), and Teleport (Psychic).

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