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–Serena's catchphrase when she has an interesting present.

Serena is a Pokémon Trainer, a Performer from the Kalos region and one of Ash Ketchum's traveling companions during his journey in the Kalos region. Her main goal is to be named Kalos Queen, the highest prestige achievable for Pokémon Performers.

She and Ash met before the events of the series, where Ash aided her in her time of need. She developed a crush on him from that day on, and it became one of her most notable characteristics, evident through her blushing whenever she looks at, talks to or is amazed by him when battling.


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Serena has fair skin, gray eyes, long legs and a slender frame, and waist-length honey-colored hair that she keeps tied in a low ponytail. Clothing-wise, she wears a very fashionable outfit that consists of a dark pink hat with a black band and white sunglasses on top, a black tank top, a red pleated skirt, black thigh-high stockings, and black sneakers that have a pink semi-circle shaped like a Poké Ball on them. There are, however, a few cosmetic changes between games and the anime. They are:

  • Appearing a little younger or shorter than her game counterpart.
  • Her fingernails are short and trimmed like most other characters in the show, rather than long like her game counterpart in Pokémon X and Y.
  • Her fingernails are kept natural without any nail polish on, while her game counterpart wears a faint pink nail polish.
  • Her shirt collar is white instead of black.
  • The sunglasses on the hat are replaced by her tiny bow.
  • She does not have a Mega Ring.
  • Her eyes are blue despite her game counterpart's eyes being naturally gray (though her game counterpart's contacts can be changed to blue).
  • Her hat appears larger and more curved, resembling a straw hat.
  • She wears high‐top shoes unlike her game counterpart, who wears sneakers; however, they are in the same design.
  • The line going down from the top of her shoes to down to the soles is one straight line, while on her game counterpart's sneakers, they are two separate lines.
  • She also does not have the purse that her game counterpart does, instead having a backpack.

Starting from "A Showcase Debut!", Serena cut her long hair to shoulder‐length hair (or a short‐layered bob). She now wears a new reddish‐pink fedora, a bright pink dress with a white collar, her gray top underneath, and a red waistcoat with a blue ribbon on her chest. She wears the same black stockings as before, but she has a new pair of brown boots. Her boots are mid‐knee length and have a strap of darker brown at the front of each boot. The rims of her soles are brown, while the soles of her boots are gray. There is no heel on her boots. She wears this outfit wherever she goes, with the exception being during Pokémon Showcases. When she was younger, she wore a pink dress with Mary Jane shoes, and a straw hat tied by a light pink hatband and ribbon. For pajamas, she wears a lavender short‐sleeve hoodie with pink heart insignias on the hips with dark‐pink ruffle shorts, along with a red or pink bow. As of "A Frolicking Find in the Flowers!", she wears pink sandals whenever she wears her pajamas while outside.

From her return in PJ105, she wears a gray felt hat, a black turtleneck tank top, a red and white plaid skirt and red bow earrings. She also wears a pink bracelet on her right wrist, black stockings, and brown long boots.


Serena is a very kind and polite girl, although she was rebellious and disobeyed her mother at the start of her journey. In addition to her kindness, she is very helpful, always concerned about what her friends are doing, especially Ash, and tries her best to keep their spirits up. She also has a passion for fashion and clothes, always searching for the prettiest and most stylish outfits to wear. As a result, she hates getting dirty and being soaked in mud. Much like May, Serena also adores trying out the various popular food spots in cities and towns, especially desserts. However, unlike May, Serena is very modest and demure ‐ at one point in the anime, she almost got injured when she chose to hold her skirt down while falling rather than making a safe landing. She also gets incredibly flustered and embarrassed very easily, especially when someone teases her about her not‐so‐secret crush on Ash. She also easily gets jealous if someone, like Miette, attempts to take Ash away from her.

Originally, Serena was uncertain about what paths or careers to pursue in life, and she also expressed little ambition towards becoming a full‐time Pokémon Trainer in the early stages of her journey, while her mother wanted her to be a Rhyhorn racer. However, after seeing Ash, Clemont, Shauna and everyone around her reasons for traveling was to achieve their dreams, she eventually began to think that not having an established goal was a problem for her future as a Trainer. Eventually, she decided that her goal was to be a Pokémon Performer, and ever since she has been diligently training both herself and her Pokémon. After losing her first Pokémon Showcase, Serena strengthened her resolve to do even better, signifying this by cutting her hair short.

Through her journey, Serena went through a great change in her personality. She became a very strong and determined girl, as shown when she reminded herself of Ash's motto, "Don't give up 'til it's over!", and when she would take hits for her Pokémon. However, Serena sometimes blamed herself for problems that occurred or whenever she fought with her friends, despite everyone around her telling her that it was all right or assuring her that it wasn't her fault.


Serena with Rhyhorn.

Serena is shown to be a skilled baker as she enjoys baking for her friends and Pokémon frequently, but she also has skill in cooking. She also has some skills in Rhyhorn racing due to her mother being a racer, because of the upbringing she possesses a unique charm when it comes to them and they nearly all gravitate towards her without question. Also, Serena knows how to lift people's spirits up whenever she sees anyone down. She has always tried to cheer up Ash during Pokémon battles. Serena has grown to be a great performer and dancer, shown in the showcases she entered. She became a good battler, as she watched Ash's battles for a long period, and proved to be pretty good at fishing too.


The name Serena means clear, tranquil, serene in Latin and Greek.




Serena and Grace.

Grace wanted Serena to be a Rhyhorn racer like her, but when she sees Serena's passion for performing, Grace begins to notice Serena's preferences are different and respects her daughter's decision to compete in showcases. Serena finds the clothes her mother picks for her unfashionable. Despite this, Serena cares a lot for her mother, who admits that she saw a change in Serena on her journey and was proud of the person she became.



Serena and Ash.

Although they are close friends, Serena has strong feelings for Ash, which started when they first met when they were little. Serena tripped and hurt herself when a Poliwag startled her as she was scared until Ash arrived as he used a handkerchief to dress her wound. Ever since traveling with Ash as he asked her to join the group as she instantly accepted, Serena would blush whenever she was amazed by him, talked to him or when people talk about her crush. Serena even helps Ash out and is always worried about him whenever they get separated, when he gets hurt or when he takes risks even if it is just to help out Pokémon. Also, Serena sometimes would warn Ash about taking risks, or ask him to be very careful in an "I'm very worried about you" manner.

Serena and Ash when they were little.

Serena and Ash had only one fight but it was not entirely an argument as she was only trying to help him snap out of his depression, after he lost his first attempt to get his last badge. After their fight and during the search for him in a snowstorm, Serena temporally had doubts about Ash but she felt guilty even more as she believed that she made the scene worse by yelling back at him and that he was out in the blizzard was because of their argument. When the snowstorm was over and her friend returned, Serena attempted to apologize to Ash for lashing back at him but he stopped her as he not only gave her an apology for being so hard on her but also thanked her for helping him. Seeing how really sorry Ash was about their fight and hearing his thanks, Serena was able shake her doubts for her friend off and forgives him. However, Serena did not shake all her doubts for Ash off as she had some left in her but she still believed in him no matter what, shown throughout her friends rematch for his last badge. Serena put an end to her doubts for her friend once and for all, after Ash won his last badge.

Serena about to kiss Ash.

Serena supports Ash all the way and looks up to him, which shows that she been influenced by him. Before leaving for her next adventure, Serena thanked and told Ash how glad she was that she came along with him as she tells him that he was the kind of person she wants to be. Also, Serena declares to Ash that she will be an even more amazing lady for him when they meet again. However, Serena gave Ash a kiss, which admitted her crush on him and thanked him for his efforts for her, before departing on her new journey to Hoenn. Despite being apart, Serena knows that she will see Ash again and their friendship will remain close till the end.


Serena and Bonnie.

Serena views Bonnie like a little sister due to both being girls. They are best friends and act like girls together. Serena sometimes stops Bonnie from asking girls to take care of Clemont when he is not around showing she can get annoyed with that habit. Serena would always try to protect her from danger and would comfort her when needed. Bonnie knows that Serena has a crush on their friend Ash. They part ways when she decided to continue traveling while the latter stay in Kalos. However, Serena will always consider Bonnie the little sister she never had and best friend.


Serena and Clemont.

Serena does view Clemont as a good friend to be around and respects his knowledge about Pokémon, due to being a Gym Leader. She can get annoyed whenever his invention fails and when they blow up but is sometimes happy when his inventions work. She would help him set up the table when they are having breaks or having a meal. She would help him cook sometimes as well. They both have a common admiration for Ash. Serena and Clemont part ways when she left to continue make her dream while he stays to continue running his Gym. Although they are apart, Serena and Clemont know their friendship will remain.


Serena and Mairin.

Serena and Mairin were able to hit it off right away when they first meet as they formed a close friendship. Like she is for Bonnie, Serena would always try to keep Mairin safe from danger. Also, Serena would help Mairin out as she instantly decided to go help her get her partner Pokémon, Chespie, back from Lysandre Labs. Serena and Mairin even wished each other good luck before they left for their new adventures.


Chloe first meets Serena in Lilycove City when Eevee sensed Sylveon. Serena was able to relate to Chloe when she was telling her Sylveon's past.



Serena and Miette.

Serena and Miette didn't get off to a great start when they first met as they instantly became rivals. However, they were able to become good friends, after they lost the Poké Puff contest they entered together. Although, Serena and Miette still have their rivalry because they are both Pokémon Performers and they both compete for Ash's affection, due to Miette also having a crush on Ash. Also, Serena would sometimes freak out and blush a little bit whenever Miette appears or when she brings up her crush on Ash or when she interacts with him. Sometimes, she can drag Miette away from Ash or shout Miette's name in a high‐pitched voice.


Serena and Shauna.

They first met at Professor Sycamore's Summer Camp. Serena and Shauna are close friends as they would always try to help one another out. Shauna was one of Serena's main inspiration to become a Pokémon Performer, after hearing about them through her. Shauna is aware of Serena's crush on Ash, shown when she accused her of liking him.


Serena and Nini.

Serena and Nini are not only rivals because they are Pokémon Performers but they are also good friends. Instantly when they first meet, Serena helped Nini see what she needed to fix in her performances and she has also has done the same for her. Nini knows that Serena has a crush on Ash.


Serena and Aria.

Serena admires Aria and wants to become a fantastic Pokémon Performer just like her one day. However, Serena did not know it was Aria when they first meet as she was using an alias name to get away from her fans and they even spent the day together which formed their friendship. Serena did realize that it was Aria that she met and became friends with, after seeing her do a familiar pose on TV that she saw when they were having a double battle. Serena took Aria's words of using her smile to give others strengths and happiness to the heart. Despite already being friends, Serena and Aria formed a friendly rivalry after Aria has defended her title as Kalos Queen.


A popular contest idol of the Hoenn region and Wallace's niece.



File:Serena and Delphox.png

Serena and Delphox.

Delphox is one of Serena's Pokémon partners and her ace battler who she is very close with as she was her first Pokémon and she had her since she was a Fennekin. Serena would always try to protect Delphox and she would do the same for her. They share the same interest as they enjoy shopping, looking good, dressing up, making sweets and like eating them. After realizing that she should continue traveling, Serena had Delphox resume with her till the end.


Serena and Pancham.

Serena first meet Pancham when he interrupted a Pokémon Showcase they were watching and did not understand his reasons. However, Serena realized that Pancham crashed the show because he likes to perform and she decided to let him join her team of partner Pokémon. Serena cares a lot about Pancham and even described him as sweet despite his playful nature. Decided to continue traveling and grow on her own, Serena decided to have Pancham stay by her side.


Serena and Sylveon.

Serena has known Sylveon ever since she was an Eevee and she is also one of her partners. When Serena first met Sylveon while she was an Eevee, she was impressed with her dance skills but Sylveon, as an Eevee, was very shy around her and others. Serena was able to gain Sylveon's trust and offer her a spot on her team in hopes of showing off her amazing dance skills which she accepted. Through their time together, Serena and Sylveon became very close with each other. Serena had Sylveon accompany her in her goal to become a Pokémon Performer by resuming to traveling at other places.


Serena meeting Ash for the very first time.

When she was younger, Serena came to Kanto to attended Professor Oak's Pokémon Summer Camp at Pallet Town by the insistence of her mother. One day, Serena was lost in the woods while trying to look for the rest of her group, resulting in herself getting wounded after getting startled by a Poliwag. Serena broke down crying then heard a sound from the bushes then got scared as she thought it was another Pokémon but it turned out to be a young boy named Ash, who was looking for the same Poliwag, and he came to her aid as he escorted her out. Since that day, Serena kept the handkerchief he used as a bandage as a way to remember the kind act and inspiring advice he gave her.[1]

Pokémon the Series: XY and XYZ

Years later, Serena was always woken up by her mother's Fletchling. Fletchling would use its beak to peck on Serena's head, then she would scream towards Fletchling in question and try to grab it. After that, Serena would be called by her mother to do morning training with her Rhyhorn.[2] Despite her mother's attempts to get her to become a Rhyhorn racer, Serena would complain about how much she hated it, especially when Rhyhorn knocked her off its back. Later in the day, after the routine Rhyhorn practices, Serena and her mother were watching the news on TV about a Garchomp rampaging across Lumiose City. As they watched, they spotted a boy accompanied by a Pikachu and a Froakie climbing to the top of Prism Tower to calm it down. When Garchomp was successfully calmed, the ground beneath the boy's Pikachu gave way and the boy jumped off the tower, making Serena gasp out of fear for his safety. Serena was relieved when he and his Pikachu were miraculously saved by a Mega Blaziken at the very last minute. When the news cut to a shot of Ash and zoomed in closer so that the viewers could get a look at his face, Serena was stirred, believing it to possibly be Ash, though she referred to him as "that boy" as she didn't yet have any solid confirmation that it was him. Seeing Ash's reappearance in Kalos, Serena was convinced to start out on her journey to become a Pokémon Trainer.[3]

Serena leaving for her journey.

That next day, Serena was picking out a hat to go with her outfit. While choosing, Serena heard her mother knocking and invited her in. After deciding her hat through her mother, Serena told Grace that she was going to Lumiose City to get her very first Pokémon from Professor Sycamore in order to start her journey. After preparing for her journey, Serena bid farewell to her mother and her Pokémon as she leaves her hometown. When she got there, Serena had two realizations: that it was, in fact, Ash she had seen on the news earlier, and that he was headed to Santalune City for his first Pokémon Gym Battle to participate in the Kalos Pokémon League. After hearing this information, Serena was shown the three starter Pokémon she can choose as her partner.[4] However, Serena knew which one she wanted before she left home as she chooses Fennekin as her starter. After that, Serena traveled to Santalune City to catch up with Ash. Although, Serena stayed at a Pokémon Center in a forest close to Santalune City as it was getting dark out.[5]

After spending the night at the Pokémon Center, Serena left the facility to continue heading towards Santalune City to catch up with Ash. Once she arrived in Santalune City, Serena wonders how Ash will react when he sees her again after being apart for a few years and becomes filled with excitement as she could not hardly wait. When she arrived at the Santalune Gym, Serena found Ash in the middle of a Gym Battle and was getting ready to approach him but Alexa notices her then ask if she can help her. Thinking that she should not interrupt the battle, Serena decided to watch Ash instead as she asks Alexa if she can observe, which she said was fine. However, Serena became saddened when she witness Ash losing to Viola's Vivillon. Serena hopes of reconnecting with Ash were dashed when he ran right past her without looking at her to tend to his Pokémon, but fortunately she noticed he had left his backpack behind. Therefore, Serena met up with Ash at the Pokémon Center to return his backpack to him. After being introduced to Clemont and Bonnie then introduce herself to everyone, Serena was about to ask Ash if he remembered her before being interrupted by the Pokémon Center bell. Serena was introduce to Ash's Pikachu and Fletchling then watches Ash train for his rematch against Viola. While Ash was taking a break from his training, Serena gave him a handkerchief to wipe himself off then she properly ask him if he remembers her.[6] Seeing that her friend was confused by her question, Serena explains to Ash that they went to the same summer camp that Professor Oak ran when they were younger. Serena was pleased to hear that Ash remembers the summer camp but that feeling turned to dismay when he told her that he does not remember her. Despite this, Serena tells Ash how awesome he was during his Gym battle and repeated the words he had once said to her during their first encounter: "Don't give up 'til it's over!" Serena was given thanks from Ash for those words of inspiration to continue his training as it reminded him that he needed to remember his fighting spirit. Later, Serena helped him again during his Gym Battle by calling out to him as she reminded him of the training he did the other day, which successfully helped him to win his first Kalos Pokémon League Gym Badge. After that, Serena was asked by Ash what she was going to do next.[7]

Serena deciding to go with Ash and friends.

Hearing this, Serena becomes uncertain as she tried to give Ash her answer but instead he asked her to travel along with him, Clemont and Bonnie, which she happily accepted. While traveling back to Lumiose City in order to head to Cyllage City and helping Ash recall when they first met, Serena was shown to be slightly skilled at Rhyhorn Racing. Serena showed Ash how to ride a Rhyhorn, which shows she knows a lot from her mother teaching her about them. When question about becoming a Rhyhorn racer like her mother, Serena was not sure about it but Clemont notices that she wants to find her own path, to which she said yes. Seeing how hard her friend tries no matter what he does, Serena perceives that she never truly understood Rhyhorn racing in the first place, although now she begins to better see it in a different perspective. On the day before the Rhyhorn Races, Serena baked cookies for Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie in the middle of the night. That next day, the Rhyhorn Races began, but it was interrupted as Team Rocket disabled the cameras. Serena became worried that a terrible occurrence might have happened to Ash, so she came along with Clemont and Bonnie to see what was going on. When they found him, they discovered that he had been ambushed by Team Rocket and they find him trapped in a net while his Pikachu and the Rhyhorn were trapped in cages. As Clemont used his Bunnelby to trap Team Rocket in a ditch, Serena and Bonnie arrived to rescue Ash. Serena used her Fennekin to fight off Team Rocket and make them drop the remote. During the conformation, Serena notices that this was her first Pokémon battle in her journey as a Trainer. When Team Rocket was blasted off by the Rhyhorn they captured, Serena introduced her friends to her mother. Serena then tells her mother that she decided to travel with Ash and his friends. However, Serena thought her mother would disagree with her decision, but instead she said it would be a better experience for her. Afterwards, Serena gave her friends each a bag of cookies as a way of saying thank you to Ash for all his efforts for her, especially when they were little.[1]

While walking into a town and seeing Ash checking out a Furfrou with his Pokédex, Serena lets him know that it went to the groomers. Serena explains to Ash about a Pokémon Groomer in the town they were in as she and Bonnie express their wishes to meet the Star Groomer, who lives in the town. However, after Bonnie got hurt from a Furfrou and its trainer named Jessica apologizes for what happened, Serena and her friends find out that she works for the Star Groomer she and her best friend want to meet. After meeting the Groomer, Serena and her friends find a different Groomer salon as she decided to have Fennekin get groomed there. However, Serena and her friends find out that Fennekin was in danger because the salon people turned out to be crooks that were stealing peoples Pokémon. Once they found them, Serena and everyone sees that the Groomers were Team Rocket as they stop their attempts to take the Pokémon. After sending Team Rocket blasting off, Serena was glad that Fennekin was OK then witnessed Jessica grooming her Furfrou then they continue to Lumiose City.[8]

Serena and Ash confronting Clemont.

After returning to Lumiose City, Serena and Ash meet Meyer, Clemont and Bonnie's dad, then talked in front of them, which made his kids nervous. Once he leaves, Serena and Ash confronted Clemont as reveals to them that he is the Gym Leader of Lumiose City. Serena and Ash listen to Clemont story about how he built a robot to be a replacement for him but due to a malfunction was kicked out by his own creation. Hearing this, Serena and Ash offer to help Clemont retake his gym as they were able to get inside. After witnessing Clemont defeat his robot, Serena, Ash and Bonnie witness him reprogram him to be a better Gym Leader. Serena and her friends were present when Clemont tells his dad that he alongside Bonnie want to resume traveling, which he approves. That night, Serena sleeps in Bonnie's room as they said goodnight to each then went to sleep.[9]

While traveling, Serena was unsure about what kind of dream she wanted to chase after. Serena made her very first Pokévision video, which became very popular as Shauna, Tierno and Trevor as they all watched it many times.[10] Later, Serena participated in a Poké Puff baking Contest, where she meets her first rival Miette, who also has a crush on Ash. However, Serena and Miette both lost the contest but they both promise to become stronger the next time they see each other. Before going their separate ways, Serena was warned by Miette that if she does not tell Ash how she feels about him or she will tell him how she feels about him.[11]

Serena and her friends at Professor Sycamore Pokémon Summer camp.

Arriving at Professor Sycamore Pokémon Summer camp, Serena and her friends were shown to their lodge by Sophie as she tells them they are Team Froakie. Serena sees the beautiful ocean view then Clemont reminds her and Ash that they also met in a camp, which he promises to make this camp a fun experience. They go out and see a battle, as a Conkeldurr battles a Squirtle. After the battle, Serena and her friends come as they introduce themselves to the trainer, whose name was Tierno. However, Serena became surprised that Tierno knows who she is then runs off and grabs a girl, who also recognizes her from PokéVision. After making some new friends and hearing their dreams, Serena wonders what hers was as Ash, Clemont, Tierno, Shauna and Trevor got her questioning herself as a Trainer.[12] When day three came Professor Sycamore Pokémon Summer camp, Serena was determined to get in first as she and her friends were jogging outside in preparation. When Professor Sycamore told everyone that today's event was a Pokévision, Serena planned what the video was about then she and Bonnie made Poké Puff. While baking, Serena and Bonnie were told by Shauna about Pokémon Performers, which she found interesting. After baking the Poké Puff, Serena and her friends go looking for a spot to shot the video. However, Serena fell when a piece of rock gave as Ash tried to help her but they both fell together. Seeing Ash hurt, Serena blamed herself for her friends injury as Clemont and Bonnie go get help. While waiting for their friends, Serena helps Ash's injury than they talk about dreams and their Pokémon. After being rescued, Serena and her friends found a place to shot the video and show their piece to their fellow campers. Outside with Shauna, Serena tells her that she wants to a performance sometime and she offer to go with her, which she accepts. Serena and her friends were excited that their PokéVision won[13]

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Serena, Fennekin and her first capture, Pancham as she took her first step as a Pokémon Performer.

While watching a Performance with her friends, Serena witnessed a Pancham interrupt the Performer to put on a little routine of its own. Serena tracked Pancham down and discovered it wanted to perform too, after noticing that he steals items from others as props for his routines. Realizing this, Serena gave Pancham her favorite pair of sunglasses but takes them off and runs away again. Finding Pancham comforted by her friends, Serena told everyone to step aside as she wanted to catch him. Explaining the Playful Pokémon reason for crashing the Performance and have been inspired by Shauna, Serena decided to pursue into becoming a Pokémon Performer and become the next Kalos Queen, which her friends give their full support for. However, Serena battle with Pancham was interrupted when Team Rocket captured Fennekin. While Ash and Clemont hold off Team Rocket, Serena, Pikachu, Dedenne and Pancham tried to rescue Fennekin. Seeing that Jessie was going to have her Pumpkaboo to attack the Pokémon, Serena tackled Pumpkaboo to the ground and told everyone not to worry about her as she wanted them to focus on helping Fennekin. Serena was about to be attacked by Pumpkaboo but Pancham intervened to protect her. When Team Rocket was blasted off again and Fennekin was safe, Serena finished her battle with Pancham. After two tries, Serena successfully captured Pancham then placed the same pair of sunglasses she offer to give him before on the top of his head then ask her two partners if they will help her make her dream come true, to which they said yes.[14] Serena meets another friend and rival in Nini, who watches each other performers and see if they need to fix their routine to make them look good for the audiences with Ash, Bonnie and Clemont helping them as well.[15]

Later, Serena meets up with her mother again when Grace was teaching a group of people how to ride Skiddo. Throughout this time, Serena kept her aspirations of becoming a Pokémon Performer a secret from her mother, hoping to tell her when she built up the courage. When Team Rocket looted some cheese and goods from a nearby dairy, Serena witness her friends chasing after them on Skiddo. Knowing they would not be fast enough, Serena got on a nearby Rhyhorn and chased down Team Rocket's truck. After Team Rocket was sent packing, Serena finally worked up the courage to tell her mother that instead of becoming a Rhyhorn Racer, she wanted to be a Pokémon Performer. Hearing that Grace does not believe she would not go through with it and pointed out that she would give up when she thought she could do it, Serena proposes a race against her mother. Serena told her mother that if she won, she would come back home with her to resume her training for Rhyhorn Racing. However, Serena tells her mother that if she won, she would be free to pursue her dream. Serena agreed to her mother condition that they would race on Skiddo instead of Rhyhorn. During the race, Serena fell off her Skiddo, which gave her mother the lead. Remembering all she had been through before this, Serena got back on and managed to come around from behind and come in first. Free to pursue her dream, Serena parted ways with her mother on better terms now that they better understood each other.[16]

Serena appreciating Ash's gift.

Following Ash's fourth Gym Battle against Ramos, the gang was still in town when they heard from Ramos about a ceremony where Trainers gave gifts to their Pokémon. As Clemont and Bonnie elected to stay behind at the Center, Serena and Ash left their Pokémon in Bonnie's care while they went off together to find gifts. While they were walking away, Serena thought to herself that she felt like she was on a date with Ash. Serena nervously tried to hold Ash's hand but couldn't work up the courage. During their time in Coumarine City's shopping district, Serena was frequently asked by Ash for her opinion on various gifts, but each time she pointed out their poor potential. Sometime later, Serena was left by herself when Ash decided to go find a gift on his own, which hurt her feelings and making her pout as she'd wanted to spend the whole day with him. While on the monorail to head back to the Pokémon Center, Serena got to see the ribbon, which she thought was pretty, Ash received from the monorail company. Seeing how concern Ash was about not finding a gift to give his Pokémon, Serena gave her friend a clue as she told them that they will be happy to receive any gift as long it was from him. Also, Serena elaborated by asking Ash what he would like to get as a gift as she pointed out that his Pokémon do take after him. After meeting up Clemont, Bonnie and all their Pokémon, Serena later met up with Ash again when he returned from preparing his gift. However, Serena had to blast off Team Rocket with the rest of the gang when they showed up wanting to steal everyone's presents. After all was said and done, Serena discovered a present under the tree addressed to her. Opening it up, Serena discovered a beautiful dress which she later found out was from her mother, whose support she found incredibly touching. To make her day even better, Serena was given a present from none other than Ash himself as his way of saying thanks for helping him find a gift for his Pokémon. Serena was overjoyed and happily accepted the gift and she will always treasure it.[17]

On the day of her first Showcase, Serena meets up with Shauna again and both were delighted that they were going to enter together. While she was waiting for her turn, Serena became increasingly nervous but Shauna gave her some encouragement, which made her feel better. When her turn finally came, Serena decorated Fennekin with a top hat, top, skirt, ribbon and beads on her tail. However, Serena made the ribbon too long as Fennekin tripped on the ribbon and fell. Serena cradled Fennekin in her arms in front of the crowd, finishing dead last in her block of three. After that, Serena watched as the Performers did their routines for the Free Performance round and was sad that she was not among them. Not wanting to concern Ash, Bonnie and Clemont, Serena hid her feelings from her friends, even when she bid farewell to Shauna. At the Pokémon Center, Serena directed the conversation towards where Ash would go for his fifth Gym Badge, which will be against Clemont. Very early that next morning, before sunrise, Serena stood with her Pokémon at the docks. Unable to contain her grief and frustration any longer, Serena broke down in tears and began to cry uncontrollably. When her Pokémon, who tried to cheer her up, jumped into her arms to show their support, Serena was motivated as she stopped crying.[18]

Serena showing her new look to her friends.

After hugging her partners, Serena apologized to them as she explains that their loss was her fault. Serena even told her Pokémon that she never felt like this before because she is a Performer now and was finally at the starting line of the race to her dream. Determined to do better, Serena put her partners down then got out her fashion case and took out her scissors. After going to the end of the dock, Serena puts her scissors to her hair then close her eyes as she remembers all the events of her journey that lead up to this moment. Opening her eyes as the sun rose on a new day, Serena cuts her hair short as she leaves her old self behind and the start of her new self. Later that morning, Serena presents her new look to Ash, Bonnie and Clemont. Although Clemont and Bonnie's reactions were mixed as he wondered what had happened while she lamented her for cutting her hair as she liked it long, Serena told her two friends that it was time for a change and thinks it looks kind of cute. Serena appreciated Ash's positive reaction as he told her that it looked good on her then noticed that she was wearing the ribbon he gave her. Fully rebounded after her loss, Serena was the first one out of the Pokémon Center, goading her friends by saying that she will leave them behind if they were not fast enough. Now understanding what it was like to lose, Serena left Coumarine City with a little more life experience under her belt.[18] When Clemont parted ways with the gang to return to Lumiose City, Serena was asked by her friend to take care of Bonnie in the meantime, to which she told him to leave it to her as Bonnie tearfully told her brother she would be all right.[19]

Serena practiced with Pancham and Fennekin for her next performance. Before practicing, Serena told her Pokémon her plan for the next showcase's freestyle performance. While practicing, Serena noticed that Pancham's bum caught on fire when he jumped through a ring of fire created from Fennekin's Flamethrower but was put out by the ground. Serena calmed Pancham down when he got mad as she suggested that they started over. The second time, Serena was happy to see that Pancham manage to jump through to ring of fire, but crashed into Fennekin, which caused both of them to argue. Serena tried to break up the fighting but Pancham jumped onto her shoulder to which Fennekin used Flamethrower to hit him. However, Serena accidentally got burned to the face when Pancham dodged the attack. Serena got mad and shouted at her two partners for their behavior. After Ash told her to calm down, Serena not only realized what she had said but also felt ashamed for letting her temper get the better of her as she tells her partners and friends that she needed some time alone to think over then left. Serena was looking into a window of a store as she thinks about how she yelled at her partners until a girl, who happens to be Aria in disguise, came up and startled her by saying that hat would match her the best. After Aria advised her to always keep smiling, Serena was asked by her to go shopping with her because she was all alone, which she accepts, then she introduces herself as Arianna. As they went into a shop to look at various items, Serena told Aria that she lost her Coumarine Showcase during the first round and she told her that she saw the showcase. In addition, Serena told Aria that she got mad at her Pokémon partners during their rehearsal for the next Showcase. Hearing Aria's advice about making mistakes, Serena admires that Shauna was better and her dream was to become the Kalos Queen just like her, although she was unaware that she told herself her ambitions. Then, Serena was asked by Aria which bracelet she should get and she suggested the blue bracelet as she agreed with her idea but thought the red bracelet looks great too, which made her smile and laugh. After leaving the shop, they went to eat. While talking to Aria, she saw a girl giving a Poké Puff to her Furfrou, causing her to think about Fennekin and Pancham and start to cry. Aria suggested that she should apologize since she yelled at them. Returning to the Pokémon Center, Ash tells her that Fennekin and Pancham were worried about her. Once all three made amends, they agreed to engage Arianna in their first Double Battle, during which Fennekin evolved into Braixen, but Arianna got called away before they could finish. Upon realizing that she spent the day with Aria, the Kalos Queen herself, it only helped to raise her spirits about becoming the Queen herself one day.[20]

Serena and her Pokémon happy at their first Showcase win.

Eventually, Serena entered her second Pokémon Showcase, this time competing against Miette and Jessie, only this time, despite a mishap with Serena's dress, due to Jessie's indirect interference, she came out victorious and earned her first Princess Key.[21] As she traveled with Ash and co., Serena soon found a shy Eevee that had impressive dancing skills and wanted to use those moves during her next performance. While she and her friends tried to find Eevee, Serena's life was unexpectedly saved when Eevee called out to her to prevent her from falling down a cliff. In gratitude, Serena left a flower crown for Eevee to wear. The next day, Clemont attempted to lure Eevee with Serena's Poké Puffs. However, Eevee took it without Clemont noticing and made him believe that his Chespin ate it. Serena decided to perform in order to get Eevee to reveal itself to the group, which met with success. After thwarting Team Rocket's attempt to capture Eevee, she added it to her party as her third Pokémon.[22] After meeting up with Shauna and Tierno, Serena introduced Eevee as her new friend and partner to them. Serena became excited when Shauna told her about all of Eevee's possible evolutions, in which she took a liking to Glaceon while her partner seemed to take a liking to Jolteon. Inside the Pokémon Center, Serena decided that Eevee should get over its shyness, so Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie called out some of their Pokémon to help Eevee become more comfortable. Encouraged by Clemont's Bunnelby, Eevee brushed her tail over each and every Pokémon save for Chespin, whose accidental outburst scared Eevee into tears. Later, Serena and Shauna teamed up against Ash and Tierno in a Double Battle. Eevee was shy and hesitant to battle at first, but with encouragement from the Pokémon, Eevee was able to make a comeback by learning the rhythm of Tierno and his Blastoise and following it up with Swift. Inspired by Eevee's dance moves, Serena called off the battle. Wanting to use them for her performance, she asked Eevee to teach her and her team her beautiful dance moves, to which Eevee agreed.[23]

At Anistar City, Eevee was startled by Jessie's use of fireworks during her performance and ran off. Serena begged the gate attendant to let her look for Eevee, willing to risk being disqualified to make sure her Pokémon was safe. With the gang's help, she desperately searched for Eevee but to no avail. Eevee, who was hiding under a bench, saw Serena looking for her noticed how worried she was, mustering up her courage to run to her Trainer. With Eevee safe and sound, Serena made it back in time for her performance in which Braixen and Pancham dazzled the crowd utilizing Eevee's dance moves in tandem with their own attacks. She earned her second Princess Key, needing only one more to qualify for the Master Class.[24] Serena and her friends meet a mysterious Pokémon, nicknamed Squishy by Bonnie, as it is being chased by Team Flare which they all agree that they should protect at all costs.[25] While relaxing with her Pokémon and the rest of the gang in a flowery meadow, Serena witness a lovestruck Quilladin vying for Eevee's affections. While she ultimately stood by Eevee, Serena was nonetheless gentle in letting Quilladin down easy before finding out how fickle his heart was.[26]

Serena performing with Braixen and Eevee at the Couriway showcase.

After arriving in Couriway Town, Serena entered her fourth Showcase intent on winning her final key. However, as this was Eevee's first performance, she had to keep assuaging the latter's anxieties which had come to a head the last time. During the Free Performance, Serena, Eevee and Braixen charmed the audience with their dance routine. Leaping into the air, Eevee prepared to land on Braixen's branch. However, she got distracted by the crowd and her anxieties came to a head once again, causing her to lose her balance and fall off. Knowing Eevee felt upset, Serena encouraged her to keep on dancing and sticking to the routine. Though still nervous about being around and in front of people, Eevee got up to finish Serena's performance. Because of Eevee's misstep, Serena lost the Showcase. Though Eevee felt bad and blamed herself for the loss, Serena told Eevee not to worry and raised her up into the air, growing closer with her after turning what would have been a repeat of her first failure into a moment of growth for them both.[27] Serena was later present for the gang's battle with Team Flare in Terminus Cave, calling on Braixen to battle against their Skorupi, Drapion, Houndour, and Bisharp.[28]

Serena attended a dance party in which she was partnered up with Ash to face Miette and a disguised James, in which Slurpuff seemed to have the upper hand on Eevee. Serena gave Eevee some encouraging words and their bond increased, as Eevee evolved into a Sylveon, where she learned to use Fairy Wind and won the battle. Afterward, Serena and the others left, her bond with Sylveon is now stronger than ever.[29] Serena participated in the Frey Pokémon Showcase and successfully wins the Fleurrh City Princess Key against Amelia to qualify for the Master Class Competition. After picking up her brush that she uses to groom her Pokémon as she accidentally left it at the dressing room and overhearing Amelia talking the famous Pokémon Judge named Palermo, Serena was asked if she was satisfied on the way she performed. Serena answered that what she did in her performance was fun with her Pokémon agreeing with her. However, Serena became unsure of herself when Palermo told her that she lacked a quality to be Kalos Queen and until she knew what that was she will never defeat Aria. Although she thought about what Palermo said, Serena chose to keep moving forward for now as she knew worrying about it would not help.[30]

Serena and her Pokémon team during the Master Class Finals.

Arriving in Gloire City where the Master Class Showcase was being held, Serena participates in the big Showcase tournament and made it all the way to the semi‐finals.[31] However, during her routine in the semi‐finals, Serena hurt her wrist but Sylveon save her from falling. Despite almost falling and causing them to get eliminated from the Master Class Showcase, Serena was able to make it through the semi‐finals to earn the right to challenge Aria for the title of Kalos Queen in the finals. Before the finals, Serena was visited by Palermo as she knew she hurt her wrist then told her she should drop the finals. However, Serena refuses to give up then Palermo, who understands her reason for wanting to finish it, bandage her wrist to help her perform in the finals. After delivering her performance, Serena watches Aria performs as she notice how happy the crowd was in watching her smile as it was giving everyone strength and joy. Although, Serena found that funny as she not only realizes that she always gets strength from everybody else but also sees what Aria has and she does not. Serena lost the finals as she became Runner‐Up but yet proved herself a worthy rival for Aria. After getting her wrist looked at by a doctor, Serena was approached by Palermo again as she told her how totally right she was about lacking a quality to be Kalos Queen. Serena told Palermo that Aria gives people strength and good advice which was what she does not have. Realizing she needs to give people the same, Serena vows to work harder and become a good Queen one day which satisfied Palermo and offer her to study with her to become the next Kalos Queen. However, Serena declined Palermo offer as she wants to finish her journey which she understood then was given a card from her to call on once her journey was done. With the offer still open, Serena left Gloire City to continue her journey with her friends.[32]

Serena impersonated herself as Ash, who was sick with a cold after an intense night of training, when a trainer named Jimmy and his Pikachu, Spike, challenged the latter for a Pokémon battle. Her plan went well until Team Rocket interfered. But when Ash recovered from his cold and blasted Team Rocket off, she apologized to Jimmy for not telling the truth. But Jimmy forgave her and joined the group for lunch.[33]

Serena, Clemont and Pikachu growing concerned for Ash while telling Bonnie about the situation.

After witnessing Ash's defeat in the hands of Wulfric, the Snowbelle City Gym Leader, Serena was concern on how her friend was taking it. Hearing her friend coming to the main lobby at the Pokémon Center, Serena tries to talk to Ash but he just walks by her and their friends as he gets ready to go outside. Serena became surprise when Ash told her and their friends that he wants to be by himself for a while despite being cold along with late at night. Also, Serena and their friends were told by Ash to not worry about him as he will be back soon then left to go to the Winding Woods alone. However, that next morning, Serena became deeply worried about Ash when he did not return to the Pokémon Center. When Bonnie arrived at the main lobby then asked where their friend was as she was asleep when he left, Serena told her best friend that Ash needed to be alone for a bit then Clemont told her not to worry as their friend will come back when it got close to lunchtime. Despite this, Serena still showed concern for Ash.[34]

While sitting outside at the Pokémon Center, Serena got up as she looks at the Winding Woods and then decided to go look for Ash. Serena found Ash, who was still depressed, sitting on a log as she was relieved that he was okay. After her friend apologizes for leaving her and their friends like that, Serena, who wanted to help, not only attempted to cheer Ash up but also tries to get him to open up by telling him that if he was being bothered he can talk to her and she will listen anytime he wants. Serena even told Ash that she was being totally serious in her word about opening up to her whenever he needed. Believing her friend was depressed about the loss, Serena tells Ash that she knows how it feels to lose then she was about to remind him of her own loss at the Pokémon Showcases but her friend gets up and angrily tells her that she does not know what he is feeling. Although she was in a state of shock by his sudden outburst, Serena lets what Ash said get to her as she gets mad with him and tries to get him to tell her about his issues. However, Serena was told by Ash that his problems were not her business and he wanted to be left alone. After Ash angrily turned away, Serena out of frustration and confusion for the way her friend was acting threw a snowball at him to get his attention, which got him to calm down. Realizing that her friend did lose his confidence and was on the verge of losing himself, Serena reminded Ash of who he is by telling him about how the friend she knows would be full of energy, a leader, tries his best, always positive, never gives up and hangs in there until the end then threw two more snowballs at him while saying that he was not acting the friend she knows. After the second snowball hits her friend in the face as the result of the impact made him fall over, Serena tells him to give her back the real Ash because she was sure this is not him then left emotionally hurt.[35]

Serena and her friends searching for Ash in a snowstorm.

Serena returned to the Pokémon Center just before a blizzard started to fall in. However, having lost faith in Ash because of their argument, Serena was still very upset and did not want go back to look for him. Although, through Pikachu convincing and realizing that Ash could be in danger, Serena came to her senses as she decided to put her hard feelings aside and go get their friend before the weather got worse with Bonnie, Clemont and the rest of Ash's Pokémon coming along to help with the search. After they got to the spot where she last saw him, Serena alongside her friends noticed that Ash was not there as they realize that he left and Clemont's Luxray cannot see which direction he had gone because of the blizzard. Seeing Pikachu Thunderbolt attack in the distance, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie go to his location. However, due to the snowstorm getting worse, Serena and everyone could not continue the search for Ash as they decided to look for shelter somewhere. With Squishy's help, Serena, Pikachu, Clemont, Braixen and Bonnie were able to find shelter in a nearby cave as they waited for the snowstorm to blow over.[35]

While inside the cave, Serena was not only worried that Ash was harmed but also hopes he will be all right. Although, Serena had comfort from Bonnie when she tells her not to worry and that it will be OK, which made her feel a little bit better. However, despite the encouragement and feeling remorse for her actions, Serena openly tells Bonnie, Braixen, Clemont, and Pikachu that she was the reason Ash took off further into the woods because she let his friend's words get to her then told him a quite terrible message. While looking at the fire, Serena, even though she was still shook up in her faith towards him, explains to her friends that she admires Ash a whole lot. Serena was told by Clemont that he agreed with her as he tells her that he is one of a kind and Pikachu agrees with him. After Clemont assures everyone that they will go back out there to look for Ash when the snowstorm lets up a little, Serena and everyone went to sleep. Once the snowstorm died down, Serena, Pikachu, Clemont and Bonnie were going to continue their search for Ash but he with his Greninja, who both knew where they were, came to them instead as they were very relieved that both of them were unharmed. After Ash and Greninja apologize to everyone for worrying them, Serena was about to give an apology to her friend for getting upset with him but he stopped her before she had the chance to reply as he wanted to thank her for talking and knocking some senses into him, which was also his apology to her from before. Hearing his thanks and seeing how truly sorry he was for hurting her feelings, Serena was not only very glad that Ash's confidences have been restored but also forgives him.[35] However, due to her shook up faith in him, Serena was not entirely sure that Ash had his confidences back, which was shown before and during his rematch against Wulfric. Although, despite her uncertainties for her friend, Serena still supported Ash all the way even when she, Clemont, and Bonnie see that he and his Greninja perfected the Ash‐Greninja form. After the battle was over and had regained her faith in him, Serena was incredibly happy that Ash does have his confidences back for good.[36]

Serena and her friends watching Ash at the Kalos League.

After making their way to the Kalos league, Serena showed her support for Ash all the way, who made it all the way to the finals.[37][38][39][40] Before the final battle between Ash and Alain, Serena met and befriended Alain's best friend Mairin, who began to admire her.[41] Serena later watched the battle between Ash and Alain;[42] she was sad to see Ash lose, but was happy that he and his Pokémon gave it their all. After the match, Serena watched Team Flare's plans go into place then left the stadium with Clemont and Bonnie when Squishy took off.[43]

Serena with Clemont and Bonnie met up with Ash and Alain and they informed them that Squishy had left. When Bonnie found out that Squishy was going to Prism Tower, as she was able to sense where it was going, Serena left with her and Clemont as they want to catch up with it while Ash and Alain went to go looking for Mairin. Serena, Clemont and Bonnie saw Lysandre's broadcast and in the process, they also found out more about Team Flare. After meeting up with Clembot and Blaziken Mask, Meyer in disguises, Serena and everyone kept going to Prism Tower, but they had to hurry due to Bonnie sensing Squishy. Once they arrived in Prism Tower, Serena and everyone else was shocked when they saw Team Flare blocking their way. Later, Serena became shocked along with her friends when they find out that Squishy was a Zygarde this whole time.[44] After Professor Sycamore and Mairin arrived, Serena went with them to Lysandre Labs to get Mairin's Chespin out of there, and with Team Rocket's help, they get there a lot quicker.[45] Once they got to Lysandre Labs, Serena battled some Team Flare grunts while Professor Sycamore and Mairin went to get Chespie.[46] After saving Chespie, Serena with Professor Sycamore, Steven, the Hoenn region Champion, and Mairin went to go get the giant rock that Lysandre had, but Chespie got absorbed into it and transformed into a Megalith Zygarde. Serena tried her best to defend the Megalith Zygarde off before Ash and everyone else arrived to help.[47] When everyone regrouped, Serena decided to stay behind to keep Bonnie and Mairin safe. After Chespie was safe, Serena helps stop the Megalith Zygarde before Squishy and Z2 finish it off for good.[48]

Serena performing a Showcase for everyone in Lumiose City.

After the crisis was over, Serena helped Clemont rebuilt the gym also she helped Mairin prepare a welcome back party for Alain later she helped everyone defeat Team Rocket after another failed attempt to steal Ash's Pikachu again. Serena was awarded along with her Pokémon medals for their efforts against Team Flare then she was there for a firework display to celebrate the grand reopening of the Lumiose Gym.[49] Seeing that everyone was still down from the Team Flare incident, Serena decided to put on a Showcases to cheer everyone up and make them smile. Serena stayed with her mother for the night to ask for some advice as her mother tells how much she changes on her journey, However, that next day, Serena was still down on what to do next but thanks to a battle with Ash and some advice he gives her she now knows what to do. Later, Serena tells everyone her news that she decided to keep traveling so she can be a better Performer with everyone supporting her decision.[50]

Following Palermo's advice, Serena left the group to travel to Hoenn and compete in Pokémon Contests. Before leaving, Serena tells Ash how glad she was that she came with him as she tells him that he is someone she wants to be. Also, Serena tells Ash that the next time they see each other he will like the person she has grown into. However, Serena gathered up the courage to kiss Ash, much to the shock of Clemont, Bonnie, Pikachu and Dedenne, and this act left him momentarily stunned in awe before he starts smiling at her as she smiles back at him. After thanking Ash for all his efforts for her, Serena said goodbye to her friends then she got on her plane for Hoenn. Serena was last seen happily arriving in Hoenn as she is ready to begin her journey there.[51]

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

She first appeared to meet Chloe Cerise when her Sylveon had befriended her Eevee. She tried to call Ash and Goh about meeting Serena but was cut off due to both of them getting confronted by Wallace. She later performed at the Contests with her Sylveon, Pancham, and her Braixen that has now evolved into Delphox but tied to Wallace's niece, Lisia. She briefly met Goh and reunited with Ash before they entered the ship, and Serena watched their departure before she went with Sylveon.


On hand

Pancham first appeared when he interrupted a Pokémon Showcase performance by dancing on the stage. But when Pancham stole Ash's hat and Clemont's glasses, the group went after him. However, when Serena found him first, she learned that Pancham had a desire to perform and decided to catch him.


When the gang were accidentally separated from each other after an attack from a trio of angry Pangoro, Serena temporarily used Frogadier, along with Chespin, to find the rest of the group.

When the gang were accidentally separated from each other after an attack from a trio of angry Pangoro, Serena temporarily used Chespin, along with Frogadier, to find the rest of the group.

When Ash was unable to battle Jimmy due to his sickness, Serena temporarily used his Pikachu while in an attempt to battle in his place.



Other achievements

Voice actors

  • Finnish: Alina Tomnikov
  • French : Sophie Frison
  • Greek: Afrothiti Antonaki
  • Italian: Deborah Morese
  • Brazilian Portuguese:
    • Michelle Giudice (Season 17–18)
    • Bruna Laynes (Season 19–present)
  • Spanish: Isacha Mengíbar
  • Dutch: Tara Hetharia
  • German: Gabrielle Pietermann
  • Hindi: Sayuri Haralkar (Hungama dub)
  • Polish: Dominika Sell
  • Russian: Mariya Ivashenko


  • Serena is Ash Ketchum's first companion to have known him personally before the very start of the series.
  • Serena took the longest time to officially join the main cast since the start of the series, which is seven episodes.
  • Serena is the second main character whose Japanese name remained the same in English.
    • The first being Iris.
  • Serena was the first companion whom Ash asked directly to join the group.
  • Serena is the first female traveling partner to not get herself or her bike shocked by Pikachu at the start of the series.
    • Misty, May, and Dawn all had their bikes electrocuted.
    • Iris and Bonnie were directly shocked by Pikachu.
  • So far, Serena is the only female companion who has not either argued, fought with or insulted Ash on a regular basis, or is easily irritated by his actions.
    • Misty, May, and Iris have all been easily irritated by his recklessness and have argued, fought with and insulted him during their travels with him.
      • Dawn can sometimes be irritated and has argued, fought with, and insulted Ash as well. However, like Serena, Dawn also has extraordinary appreciation for Ash and his actions out of love for Pokémon, and they'll easily get along and show great teamwork. Thus (for the most part), Dawn tries her best to conceal her temper as opposed to showing it.
      • Although Bonnie has not argued, fought with or insulted Ash on a regular basis, she can still be a little irritated by his actions.
    • However, Serena did have a conflict with him once after Ash yells at her following his loss during his first attempt to get his last badge, only for her to snap Ash back into his senses.
      • Despite this, the fight was not entirely an argument as Serena was only trying to help Ash snap out of his depression.
      • Unlike most of Ash's female companions, yet even prior to Ash apologizing, Serena actually shows regret for making the scene worse by getting upset at Ash and lashing back at him, confessing that Ash is a person she admires so much.
  • Serena is the first female companion to completely change her appearance mid‐series, which may be a reference to the character customization feature from Pokémon X and Y.
    • However, her hair did not grow back to its original length after she cut it short.
  • Serena is the first female companion to wear earrings as part of one of her main outfits.
  • Serena is the second character for Fennekin to burn in the face with Ash being the first.
    • While on the subject, she is the second character to be burned in the face by a Fire‐type starter that she owns. The first is also Ash, who regularly receives this treatment from his Charizard.
  • Serena shares a lot of characteristics with May:
    • Neither knew what their goal was at first, but they eventually focused on one related to beauty and style.
    • Both chose the Fire‐type starter:
    • They are Ash's only two female companions who do not have a Pokémon who usually stays outside of its Poké Ball.
    • Both have caught a Pokémon based on a bear respectively:
    • Both have obtained an Eevee that has evolved respectively:
    • Both were expected to have the same career as one of their parents, but neither of which wanted to pursue respectively:
    • Both girls pay attention to fashion, albeit in different areas:
      • May focuses more on swimsuits.
      • Serena focuses on outerwear.
  • Serena has shared some characteristics with Dawn:
    • They are introduced in an odd numbered series while their game counterparts are introduced in even numbered regions.
    • Their starter Pokémon defended them from wild Bug‐type Pokémon that are introduced from an even numbered generation prior to their game counterparts Dawn and Serena (Kalos).
    • They both become renowned through the media:
    • They both had a large number of rivals in their professions for the top spot.
    • They both had great admiration for Ash and his actions out of love for Pokémon from the very beginning (especially when they first meet), and they are never judgmental of and are very kind to him, even going as far as always believing in Ash to win his battles.
      • He rescued Pikachu by climbing one of Team Rocket's mechas for Dawn.
      • He helped an agitated Garchomp on Prism Tower on live TV for Serena.
    • Both had finished Runner‐Up in a Top Class Competition.
    • They are the only female main characters to have their moms that are well known.
    • Their moms had former goals.
  • Unlike Misty, May, and Dawn, Serena does not just happen to become Ash's friend as she has the closest connection because of the flashback of going to Professor Oak's Pokemon summer camp.
    • Misty, May, and Dawn happen to meet Ash and go on a journey with him after their bikes had been electrocuted by Pikachu.
  • Alongside Iris, Serena is one of the first two of Ash's female companions who never owned bikes that always got electrocuted by Pikachu.
  • Excluding movies and endings, Serena is the only one of Ash's female companions who was never seen wearing a swimsuit.
  • Serena is the first female character to:
    • Have caught or received a Fairy‐type Pokémon.
    • Have or had caught or received a pure Fighting and Fairy‐type Pokémon.
    • Have caught or received a member or more from the Generation VI group.


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