Sentry Duty is the guild job performed by Loudred and Diglett in Wigglytuff's Guild. Sentry Duty is used to keep unwanted Pokémon out of the guild, and allow guild allies and applicants into the guild.

Method of Sentry

All Pokémon that want to enter the guild have to step on a grate. Diglett, who is at the Sentry Post looks up at the footprint at identifies the Pokémon. Then Loudred decides whether the Pokémon should be allowed in the guild.


After, and occasionally before graduation of the guild, the player can do the Sentry duty mini-game. In a time-limit they are shown a footprint and must choose out of four options which Pokémon it is. As more time runs out, more hints are given about each Pokémon.

If the player chooses the wrong Pokémon, Your partner will correct them, but if they choose the wrong Pokémon again, Loudred will shout at them.

After it has been completed, Chatot will reward them with items and Poke, depending on how well they did.

If, before graduation, the player fails Sentry Duty, Loudred, the player, and the player's partner cannot have supper that evening.

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