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For the variant appearing in the games, see Scott.

Scott is a character appearing in the Advanced Generation series.


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Scott is a short, chubby man with thick, short black curly hair, a rounded face and sticking out ears. He wears a loose fitting shirt with a floral pattern and logos of Battle Frontier. He also wears shorts and sunglasses that obscure his eyes. He is also shown wearing his PokéNav on a lanyard around his neck.


Scott is a friendly man, who gives advice to the Trainers, who would like to take on the Battle Frotnier. In truth, he is merely marketing the facilities to such Trainers, being the owner of the Battle Frontier.


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Scott visited Ash, who was passing through Viridian City. Scott offered him a friendly battle, which Ash accepted, despite having the Earth Badge already. Inside, the two met with Agatha, who asked Scott if he had found new Trainers, but Scott hushed her. Ash faced Agatha in battle, using Pikachu against her Gengar, but the former was eventually defeated. Scott made it clear that Ash was facing Agatha of the Elite Four, surprising Ash, and informed him about the Battle Frontier, where such top Trainers would be waiting for his challenge. Ash was tempted, until Team Rocket stole his Pikachu, to which Agatha helped him retrieve it back. Once the issue had been settled, Scott left to advertise the Battle Frontier to other qualified Trainers.[1]

When Scott met Ash with his friends - May, Max and Brock - he took them in his car to the Battle Factory, where they met with Factory Head Noland.[2] Scott watched Ash's battle against Noland. He commented that Noland had awaited Charizard's attacks so Articuno could evade and make a direct attack at it. After Ash won, Scott applauded him and advised that he could go to Battle Arena next.[3] There, Scott met up with the heroes once more. He introduced them to Arena Tycoon Greta, who was in charge of the facility. After Ash prepared himself, he faced Greta, while Scott and others watched this match. In the end, Ash won, and Scott and Greta congratulated him for the victory. Scott also told that he could visit the Battle Dome near Lavender Town as his next facility.[4]

He also visited the heroes at the Battle Dome, taking them at a separate building, away from reports. There, he spoke with the heroes about Dome Ace Tucker, the leader of the facility, and a superstar as well. Scott sat by others, watching Ash's match against Tucker, noting that even if the battles were entertaining, they were about testing a Trainer's tactics. After Ash won the battle, Scott congratulated him.[5] He approached the heroes at the Battle Pike, to settle a dispute. When Lucy arrived, Scott introduced her to Ash, her challenger. After Ash won the battle, Scott believed he could go to the Battle Palace next and parted ways with the group.[6]

As Ash, Pikachu and Sceptile got separated from the group, Scott visited May, Max and Brock. Knowing that it was Kakuna's season to evolve, Scott went to grab supplies to search for Ash before trouble arose. He gave them a repellent against Beedrill before the search. They also encountered Spenser, the Frontier Brain, who helped them in finding Ash. Scott eventually found Ash and Spenser, and the next day, expected the former to challenge Spenser.[7] Scott was glad to see Ash rested the next day, ready for battle. As Ash and Spenser had their battle, Scott went with May, Brock and Max in a balloon to watch the battle from the sky. He reminded that the entire jungle was their battlefield, and used a camera to keep track of their battle. When Spenser declared a break, Scott shared apples with others.[8]

Scott arrived late to the match between Anabel and Ash, who was having trouble with her Alakazam.[9] Despite losing, Ash wanted a rematch, even if Scott warned him that Anabel was powerful. Nevertheless, Scott announced his rematch, and watched the battle. After Ash won, Scott explained that he downloaded the information about the final facility's location - the Battle Pyramid - on Max's PokéNav.[10] Scott came to the Battle Pyramid, encountering Ash's friends, who were watching him confront Brandon. Scott was told about the spirit possessing Ash, to which Scott reminded that Brandon was researching ruins and ancient artifacts. Still, he wished to see Ash defeating Brandon. After Brandon defeated Ash and sealed the spirit, he mentioned to Scott that Ash's friends helped him defeat the spirit.[11]

He joined Ash, Brock and Max to watch the finals of the Grand Festival. He noticed that Solidad forced May to attack, so she could defend and take her points away. He did notice that May was fighting in a similar style like Ash did.[12] Scott joined the heroes at the Pokémon Center, but reported that Brandon was busy and would accept Ash's challenge later on. After Scott accepted the challenge, Scott sat with Ash's friends to watch the battle.[13] Scott remained with the heroes. Seeing May, he noted that she had lost in the Grand Festival, and reminded that the stronger the person is, the more challenges they have to overcome. He also met Professor Oak, who came to visit Ash.[14] While waiting for Brandon to return, a Pokémon Breeder's bus crashed, so Scott devoted his time to repair it.[15]

When Ash returned with Brandon to the Pokémon Center, Scott approached them. Scott reminded that Ash could be a part of the Hall of Fame, even becoming a Frontier Brain after defeating Brandon. Ash felt that Scott was a huge fan of the Battle Frontier, but was in shock to hear that Scott was actually the owner of the whole organization. He then sat with Ash's friends to watch the final rematch.[16] Scott watched the final match between Brandon and Ash, which the latter won. Scott gave Ash a plaquette, being a part of the Hall of Fame. Scott also offered Ash a position as a Frontier Brain. Ash refused, for he wanted to experience more of the world. Scott understood, but reminded that the position was still opened whenever he felt joining them.[17]


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