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{{Move infobox
{{Template:Infobox Move
|type =Normal
|Effect = Reduces the target's movement speed by 1 level.
|name =Scary Face
|Type = {{Normal}} {{Status}}
|japanese =こわいかお Scary Face
|PP = 14
|generation =II
|Power =
|category =Status
|Accuracy = {{FourStar}}
|power =-
|Range = Enemy in front
|image =DP175_6.jpg
|accuracy =100
|pp =10
|affects =All
|secondary =Lowers speed by 2.
|magiccoat_ =Yes
|brightpowder_ =Yes
|detect_ =Yes
|snatch_ =No
|kingsrock_ =No
|appeal =2
|contesttype =Cool
|jam =1
|appeal2 =2
'''Scary Face''' is a {{Type|Normal}}-type stat skill move that decreases the foe's [[speed]]. Some [[Pokémon]] in the [[Pokémon anime|anime]] are shown using this, but it only carries the effect to scaring the opponent and thus delaying their attack.
Harley Ariados Scary Face.png
Battle Park Charizard Scary Face.png
In generations 2, 3, and 4 Scary Face is a normal type move with 90% Accuracy.
[[Category:Moves affected by BrightPowder]]
[[Category:Moves affected by Detect or Protect]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by King's Rock]]
[[Category:Moves affected by Magic Coat]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by Snatch]]
[[Category:Generation II moves]]

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Template:Infobox Move

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