This Abra is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Saturn.


Using a machine for a remote control, Saturn had Croagunk and Abra sent out at the Lost Tower. To defend themselves, Paka and Uji sent Buizel and Burmy. Croagunk used Poison Jab on Burmy, causing it to drop its cloak. As Saturn laughed, Burmy collected the leaves from the floor to regain its defenses. Burmy used Hidden Power to retaliate, so Uji's Buizel used Dig. However, Croagunk sensed Buizel, due to its Anticipation ability.[1] Saturn laughed, as Croagunk sensed Buizel and used Sucker Punch to deal huge damage to it. Paka and Uji went to the next floor to defend themselves, but Abra teleported itself and used Fire and Ice Punch on Burmy. Saturn laughed, claiming they should surrender, but noticed Platinum in the shadows, and suspected the grunts told her to hide in the tower. However, Paka laughed, as Uji's Buizel used its tail to blow the wind. The wind caused the leaves to block the machine, preventing Saturn to see anything, and his Abra and Croagunk were easily defeated.[2]

At the Spear Pillar, Saturn faced Fantina and Roark. He sent Abra, Croagunk and Octillery against the duo's Pokémon.[3]

Known moves

  • Using Fire Punch
  • Using Ice Punch


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