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Sara Lee is a character appearing in the anime series, who is a Pokémon Performer.


Pokémon the Series: XY and XYZ

Sara Lee debuted in Couriway Town's Pokémon Showcase. She originally had enough votes to proceed to the next round, but still lost against Jessie.[1]

She later appeared in Fleurrh City's Showcase, only to lost right after her own themed performance.[2]

She participated in Gloire City's final Showcase after managing to collect all three Princess Keys. Unfortunately, she was halted at the first round after facing off Serena and Miette.[3]

Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Sara Lee and Glaceon made a cameo at Kanto's airport with Concetta and her Scraggy.[4]


On hand



  • Her accessories are based on her Leafeon and Glaceon.

Episode appearances

Episode(s) Title(s)
XY101 A Dancing Debut!
XY109 Master Class Choices!
XY112 Master Class is in Session!
SM043 When Regions Collide!