Santalune Forest is a forest in southern Kalos. It is connected to Santalune City to the north and Route 2 to the south.


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Location Level Rate
664 Scatterbug X/Y Grass 2-3 20%
013 Weedle X Grass 2-3 20%
010 Caterpie Y Grass 2-3 20%
010 Caterpie X Grass 2-3 10%
013 Weedle Y Grass 2-3 10%
511 Pansage X/Y Grass 4 10%
513 Pansear X/Y Grass 4 10%
515 Panpour X/Y Grass 4 10%
661 Fletchling X/Y Grass 4 10%
025 Pikachu X/Y Grass 3-4 4%
014 Kakuna X Grass 4 6%
011 Metapod Y Grass 4 4%
Wild Pokémon


Item Games Location/Method
Bag Potion Sprite Potion X/Y On the floor
Bag Antidote Sprite Antidote X/Y On the floor in the corner
Bag Parlyz Heal Sprite Parlyz Heal X/Y Given by Shauna
Poke Ball Sprite Poké Ball X/Y Given by Shauna
Poke Ball Sprite Poké Ball X/Y Right of Lass
PinsMS Pinsirite X Near entrance
HeraMS Heracronite Y Near entrance

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