Santalune Forest is a forest in southern Kalos. It is connected to Santalune City to the north and Route 2 to the south.


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Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Location Level Rate
664 Scatterbug X/Y Grass 2-3 20%
013 Weedle X/Y Grass 2-3 *
010 Caterpie X/Y Grass 2-3 *
511 Pansage X/Y Grass 4 10%
513 Pansear X/Y Grass 4 10%
515 Panpour X/Y Grass 4 10%
661 Fletchling X/Y Grass 4 10%
025 Pikachu X/Y Grass 3-4 6%
014 Kakuna X Grass 4 4%
011 Metapod Y Grass 4 4%
Wild Pokémon


Item Games Location/Method
Bag Potion Sprite Potion X/Y On the floor
Bag Antidote Sprite Antidote X/Y On the floor in the corner
Bag Parlyz Heal Sprite Paralyze Heal X/Y Given by Shauna
Poke Ball Sprite Poké Ball X/Y Given by the Rival when spoken to
Poke Ball Sprite Poké Ball X/Y Right of Lass Lise
PinsMS Pinsirite X Near the entrance (requires an upgraded Mega Ring; appears between 8:00 and 8:59 PM)
HeraMS Heracronite Y Near the entrance (requires an upgraded Mega Ring; appears between 8:00 and 8:59 PM)



X and Y

The player's main quest goes through Santalune Forest. The player is accompanied by Shauna until they exit the forest. Shauna heals the player's Pokémon whenever they ask her to. The Santalune forest has three trainers, and two of them can be avoided, while one should be battled. The rival gives a Poké Ball to the player if they talk to her.

The group (Player, Rival, Tierno, Trevor and Shauna) compete with each other in who can reach the end of Santalune Forest first. The player and Shauna are assured to reach the end first. The rest of the group arrives later on, and they all exit the forest together.


  • The layout of Santalune Forest is nearly identical to that of Viridian Forest.
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