Santalune City is the first city that the player character will visit in the Kalos region. The city is the home of Gym Leader Viola, the first Gym Leader that can be battled against. She specializes in Bug-type Pokémon. The player character will also meet Viola's big sister Alexa, who will guide the player character toward the gym. A fountain, which has a metal sculpture of Roselia, can also be found in the upper part of the city. The player character will receive the Roller Skates from a skater in front of the Gym if they defeat her in battle. 

Places of Interest


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Trainers' School

The Trainers' School is where the player character will learn the basics of Pokémon catching and battling and is also where one will meet a person who will give X Defenses and X Attacks.

Mid eastern-most house

Talk to a boy, and he will give a few Great Balls.

House next to lower western Cafe

The Hiker will trade a Farfetch'd.


The Boutique sells hats.


  • The player obtains roller skates here after beating a skater in front of the gym. The skates are necessary for some segments of the Shalour Gym partly as its leader is a skater herself.


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