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Santalune City is the first city that the player character will visit in the Kalos region. The city is the home of Gym Leader Viola, the first Gym Leader that can be battled against. She specializes in Bug-type Pokémon. The player character will also meet Viola's big sister Alexa, who will guide the player character toward the gym. A fountain, which has a metal sculpture of Roselia, can also be found in the upper part of the city. The player character will receive the Roller Skates from a skater in front of the Gym if they defeat her in battle. 

Places of Interest


Main article: Santalune City Gym

Trainers' School

The Trainers' School is where the player character will learn the basics of Pokémon catching and battling and is also where one will meet a person who will give X Defenses and X Attacks.

Mid eastern-most house

Talk to a boy, and he will give a few Great Balls.

House next to lower western Cafe

The Hiker will trade a Farfetch'd for a Bunnelby.


This Boutique sells hats and accessories.


Item Games Location/Method
Great Ball Sprite.png Great Ball X/Y From a boy in the house northeast of the Pokémon Center
X Attack Sprite.png X Attack X/Y From the teacher in Trainers' School (×3)
X Defend Sprite.png X Defense X/Y From the teacher in Trainers' School (×3)
Great Ball Sprite.png Great Ball X/Y In the southeast corner of the hill in the northwest of the city (hidden)
Antidote Sprite.png Antidote X/Y On the lamppost on the hill in the northwest of the city (hidden)
Super Potion Sprite.png Super Potion X/Y North of the lamppost on the hill in the northwest of the city (hidden)
Roller Skates Sprite.png Roller Skates X/Y From Roller Skater Rinka in front of Santalune City Gym after defeating her
Exp. Share Sprite.png Exp. Share X/Y From Alexa near the Route 4 entrance after completing the Gym


Poké Mart Right Counter
Item Price
X Speed Sprite.png X Speed Poké Dollar.png350
X Attack Sprite.png X Attack Poké Dollar.png500
X Defend Sprite.png X Defense Poké Dollar.png550
Guard Spec. Sprite.png Guard Spec. Poké Dollar.png700
Dire Hit Sprite.png Dire Hit Poké Dollar.png650
X Accuracy Sprite.png X Accuracy Poké Dollar.png950
X Special Sprite.png X Sp. Atk Poké Dollar.png350
X Sp. Def Sprite.png X Sp. Def Poké Dollar.png350


In other languages

Language Name
English Santalune City
Spanish Ciudad Novarte
Italian Novartopoli
French Neuvartault
German Nouvaria City
Japanese ハクダンシティ
Korean 백단시티
Simplified Chinese 美川镇
Traditional Chinese 美川鎮
Hebrew העיר סאנטאלון
Polish Santalune
Portuguese Cidade de Santalune
Russian Санталун Сити