This Delibird is an ice/flying-type Pokémon owned by Santa Claus.


Delibird was first seen flying in the sky above a big city. Down below, Ash's Pikachu and its friends were bowling with giant snowballs. Ash's Totodile accidentally shot a snowball with Water Gun and it launched into the sky, hitting Delibird and making it fall. Not far away, Meowth and Wobbuffet were walking up a staircase outside a building. Suddenly, Delibird fell from the sky, hitting into Meowth and Wobbuffet, and waking up a sleeping Skarmory nearby. The angry Skarmory blew Delibird away into the sky, knocking it out and making it drop all the presents it was carrying around the city. Pikachu and friends quickly found Delibird and Ash's Cyndaquil woke it up by tickling it. When Delibird first woke up, it was very angry, but Pikachu and Togepi calmed it down. Delibird then realized all of its presents were gone. Pikachu and friends volunteered to help Delibird find the missing presents. They divided into two teams and split up to look all over the city. Sunset soon came, and the two team reunited and gave Delibird all the presents. After recounting the presents, Delibird realized that one was still missing. With the sun already set, the Pokémon were forced to look for the present in the dark. They went to a park and looked for the last present. It was spotted in a tree by Ash's Noctowl, but fell out of its beak and started heading for a river. Just as it was about to fall in, an Aipom caught it and returned it to Delibird. All of the Pokémon got distracted by a lighting of a tree, and when they looked around, the Delivery Pokémon was gone. Then they heard bells jingling and looked up; to their surprise, Delibird was flying off in Santa's sleigh. The sleigh then flew away, and Delibird happily waved back to its newly made friends.

Known moves

None of Delibird's moves were shown.

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