This Eevee, nicknamed Sandy, is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Lana. Prior to his capture, it was the main character of the Where Are You Going, Eevee? mini-segments, eventually making his proper main series debut in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends, in the episode We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!


Ever since his debut, Sandy has shown himself to be curious and naïve. He is also upbeat, frequently greeting others around him amiably or sniffing them in an inquisitive manner. However, he can also come off as somewhat inconsiderate, such as when he unintentionally scared a Wimpod while chasing it and caused a Pyukumuku to punch it. He is also quite gluttonous, as he always gets exhilarated upon seeing any type of food.

Thanks to his past experiences with Mantine, Sandy became an expert swimmer, having a love for the ocean and evenly matching his best friend and teammate, Primarina.

Sandy cares deeply for his friends and would go out of his way for them, as shown when Sandy's good friend Mantine, along with other Mantine, were captured by Team Rocket. Sandy also developed a close friendship with Shaymin, Snowy and Ash's Pikachu. Sandy is close to his Trainer's family, especially Harper and Sarah.



Sandy and Lana.

Sandy first saw Lana was when she was walking by with Primarina, while she was a Popplio, in her arms and followed them. Seeing how much she cared for Primarina, Sandy instantly went to her and was amazed by her bravery, after she decided to protect him from Team Skull. After that, Sandy decided to go with Lana and became one of her partners. Sandy shares a close bond with Lana and is very loyal to her. Also, Sandy shares some of the same traits as Lana and enjoys sitting on her shoulder or head. Sandy accompany Lana on her fishing adventure with her dad.


Sandy and Primarina, as Brionne.

Sandy and Primarina are not only teammates but they're also best friends as their evenly match in swimming. Also, they enjoy being with each other and would do anything for one another. Sandy would go to great lengths for Primarina and she would do the same for him. In addition, Sandy and Primarina work well together as a team.


Sandy on a boat.

Once a nameless Eevee, Sandy was walking along happily by the docks until he spotted a bowl of food. Sandy eagerly devoured the food until realizing the food bowl belonged to an angry Houndour, which began to chase the surprised Eevee. After managing to lose the Darkness Pokémon in a crowd of people, Sandy stood on a boat, brushing his bangs away from his eyes and marveling at the view of the ocean.[1]

Sandy playing in the ocean with his Mantine friend.

When a Wailord shook the ship, Sandy was revealed to be sleeping inside a crate, which fell into the sea. Upon waking up, Sandy began to panic and started to drown after falling from the now sinking crate it was on. However, it was rescued by a wild Mantine, who soon took Sandy to a safer destination. As Sandy and Mantine approached the land, they had a little fun playing on the waves, where they passed by a boat holding Lana’s father. Eventually, they reached Melemele Island, where Sandy was dropped off on the beach and they bid each other farewell. Sandy soon noticed and chased a Wimpod in an attempt to talk with it, but the Wimpod was terrifed by his playful Tackle. Although unable to fit itself into the cave where Wimpod hid, Sandy noticed some Nanab Berries on the top of the island’s forest trees above the beach, simply by pure luck.[1]

Sandy meeting Popplio and her friends for the first time.

After waking up and eating Berries for breakfast, Sandy over-enthusiastically greeted a nearby Pyukumuku, but was then hit with an uppercut by the scared Pokémon. However, water balloons caught Sandy in the air and the Pyukumuku who punched it. Sandy found the source of these balloons to be from Lana's Popplio, who was playing with Ash's Pikachu and the rest of their Alolan Pokémon friends, and finally got the chance to meet them. While swimming with Popplio, Sandy's swimming was revealed to be improved, thanks to his experiences with Mantine, and Popplio was impressed. However, while playing with his newfound friends, Sandy accidentally hit one of Turtonator's back spikes, which then exploded. Although only Sandy, Pikachu, Sophocles' Togedemaru and Kiawe's Marowak got hit, Marowak's scolding of Sandy was cut short when it, Marowak and their friends noticed and laughed that Pikachu was revealed to only have a head-burn, instead of a full body burn. Sandy later brought the fruits from its tree to have lunch with its friends. In the afternoon, when its friends needed to return to their Trainers, Sandy bid them goodbye and promised to meet again somewhere.[1]

Sandy eating at its cave home.

Sandy was eating some berries in its cave before trying to make friends with a Furfrou, which got annoyed by it. After the Furfrou left with its Trainer, Sandy thought about its new friends and decided to find them. While looking through town, Sandy saw Popplio in the arms of her Trainer, Lana, then followed them into the store they were going to. Sandy greeted a Persian, who had caused some trouble for his friends and their Trainers in the past. Believing it to be a new friend, Sandy soon realized that it did not want to be a friend when Persian attacked it, causing it to run away. Sandy being chased was noticed by Popplio, who she and Lana were getting some malasadas for a dinner they were having with her Trainer's family, as she left her Trainer to help it. Hiding in a bush, Sandy was found by Popplio as he was filled with joy to see one of his new friends again. However, Sandy unknowingly left his tail hanging out of in the bush they were hiding in, which the Persian noticed. When discovered by Persian, Sandy and Popplio ran as fast as they could, escaping with Popplio's Aqua Jet. Sandy and Popplio landed in the stream but were pleased to know that they were no longer being chased then swam away. After ending up on the beach in the outskirts of the city, Sandy discovered some Pokémon belonging to Team Skull, angering them by using Tackle to greet them. After Team Skull showed up to check on their Pokémon, Sandy was pulled around by Rapp, who wanted the Evolution Pokémon for herself, and Tupp, who wanted an Eevee to make him popular with girls.[2]

Sandy joining Lana’s team.

However, Sandy was saved when Lana, Lillie, Mallow, Sophocles and Ash, who had been looking for Popplio, showed up as Pikachu used Quick Attack to get the Team Skull Grunts to let go of the Eevee. After Popplio caught it before he fell into the sand and approaching her Trainer as he remembered her from before, Sandy greeted Lana and was amazed by her compassion when it saw how much she cared for its best friend. Seeing its other new friends, minus Turtonator and Marowak, again, Sandy was filled with joy then Tackled them in affection and this act surprised their Trainers that the Eevee knew their Pokémon. While Rapp and Tupp still argued about who got to keep it, Sandy was grabbed by Lana and witnessed Ash yelling at them that they were not giving it to either of the grunts because of their behavior. After being set down by Lana then seeing that she and Popplio were determined to protect it, Sandy was inspired to battle Team Skull alongside them, jumping onto some Water-Type Pokémon to get on top of the waves created by Popplio's newly learned Surf then used Double-Edge to send the Team Skull Grunts blasting off. Sandy was praised by Popplio and their friends for its efforts. After Kiawe, who was also looking for Popplio, arrived at the site, Sandy and Popplio were praised by Lana for their teamwork as they played in the water together. Sandy was wiping the water off its face then was approach by Lana, who realized that it really likes her, as she asked it if it wants to join her and Popplio. Wanting to be with Lana, its best friend as teammates and its other friends, Sandy happily accepts the offer of becoming one of her partners then was caught in a Dive Ball, which marked the end of its old life as a wild Pokémon and the beginning of its new life with its new Trainer and friends. Sandy was brought to its new home as it was introduce to Lana's family as her newfound friend and partner then was given a haircut to help it see better, much to its happiness.[2]

Sandy and its Mantine friend showing his Trainer along with their friends on how to Mantine Surf.

Later, Sandy was introduced to Misty and Brock, who were visiting Alola. After Brock offer to stay and help with Nurse Joy, Sandy went with everyone as they showed Misty around. While Mantine Surfing to Treasure Island, Sandy got to see its friend Mantine again and showed Lana along with their friends on how to Mantine surf. Sandy was having fun with friends on Treasure Island but Team Rocket showed up and stole the Mantine. However, Sandy with its friends were able to save the Mantine.[3] Also, Sandy accompanied Lana as she and everyone showed their friends Akala Island. While Brock and Olivia were having a battle, Sandy played with its friends until Team Rocket showed up and captured them, but they were saved by Brock and Olivia.[4]

Sandy headed over to Poni Island with Lana and Popplio along with their friends, who were doing their research projects over on the Island. Hearing the Trainer's project plans, Sandy was very excited to meet its Trainer and best friend's mentors, Ida and her Brionne.[5] While waiting for Ida's arrival, Sandy swam with Popplio.[6]

Sandy with Popplio and her mentor Primarina.

When Ida finally arrived on Poni Island, Sandy met Lana's mentor, along with meeting Popplio's friend and mentor Primarina, who had just evolved from Brionne. It joined in on the training with Popplio and Primarina. Later at night, Sandy joined its Trainer to watch her and Popplio practice. In the morning, before Ida left, Sandy watched its best friend Popplio blew a giant bubble balloon, as they evolved into Brionne.[7] Sandy was with Lana and Brionne at the beach doing some training before they all decided to take a nap on the beach.[8] While at Hapu's house, Sandy and Lana were helping at Hapu's radish fields while some of their friends became lost in a fog that was created by Tapu Fini. Sandy and Lana with their friends, Sophocles and Kiawe, waited at Hapu's house until the fog cleared up. After the fog cleared up, Sandy formed a close friendship with the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin that Mallow found.[9] Afterwards, Sandy watched Ash prepare for his grand trial and later rejoined Lana when returning.[10]

Sandy and Lana doing the refreshing trio Alola idols alongside their friends.

Sandy later participated in a T.V. show with its Lana.[11] Sandy later joined Lana on her Ultra Guardians mission to stop the Ultra Beast, Pheromosa from stealing Z-Crystals.[12]

Sandy and Meltan searching for Shaymin.

After arriving with its friends at windy Malie City, Sandy and Meltan begin to cause trouble after seeing a line of Eevee, much to Lana’s chagrin. When Shaymin tries to get Mallow’s purchased bandanna that was blown away by a powerful wind, Meltan and Sandy followed and helped it. Though Team Rocket ambushed them afterwards, Meltan freed them from Team Rocket's trap by eating the metal bars, but Meltan, Shaymin and Sandy were attacked upon escaping, so both Sandy and Meltan fought Team Rocket off while protecting Shaymin until Ash, Mallow and Lana arrived. While Shaymin healed Sandy who got hit by Sludge Bomb from James' Mareanie, Meltan used a new move, Headbutt, immune to Mareanie’s Poison-type attack, with Sandy performed the final blow before Stufful and Bewear dragged Team Rocket away.[13]

Sandy later watched Ash and Kiawe's battle against the Gym Leader of the Kantonian Gym, Ryuki. While Kiawe lost the first part of the battle with his Marowak, Ash managed to defeat Ryuki in a double battle with Meltan and Rowlet.[14]

Sometime later, Sandy watched Sophocles and his Vikavolt participate in the Vikavolt Race, which they won and received the Buginium Z. After the race, Sandy witnessed Hapu giving Sophocles a Z-Ring for his valiant efforts of saving the other contestants' Vikavolt from Team Rocket.[15]

Sandy with its best friend Brionne, Trainer Lana along with their friends Ash and Pikachu.

Sandy later assisted Lana in rescuing a Legendary Pokemon Kyogre from an illegal group of hunters. And after successfully driving the villains away, it witnessed Brionne's evolution into Primarina. It then supported Lana and Primarina in their efforts of reeling Kyogre and witnessed Primarina soothing it with her singing.[16]

When Mallow was working at Forest Pokémon Café to help Oranguru serve hungry Pokémon, Sandy and Primarina helped Lana as extra waiters in Aina's Kitchen. Due to the countless customers who had come to dine, all three of them were worn out by the time Mallow returned. Also, Sandy and Primarina were excited that their Trainer along with her friends all have Z-Rings.[17]

At the School along with the others, Sandy watched its best friend Primarina and their Trainer perform a new Z-Move Oceanic Operetta. At Lillie's Mansion, Sandy was then seen having lunch with its friends.[18] Sometime later, Sandy and friends were training for the Alola League at Lillie's house.[19]

At the Alola League, Sandy was used in a Battle Royal during the first round and one of 16 competitors to move to the finals.[20] Sandy comforted its best friend Primarina, after it lost battle with Guzma's Golisopod.[21] During the semi-finals, Sandy and Primarina was then watching Ash battle with Guzma.[22]

At some point during the Ultra Beast crisis, Sandy helped join everyone to defeated one of the Guzzlord at the Manalo Conference.[23]

At the end of the season, Sandy accompanied Lana to search for Manaphy with Lana's father.[24]

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  • Before its actual capture, a promotional poster and the first opening theme featuring Sandy strongly implied that it was to be captured by Ash due to Sandy being seen in both shots near the trainer until Lana captured the Eevee instead.
    • The poster was later updated to reflect on its new hairstyle, but it was still next to Ash.
  • Sandy being owned by Lana was foreshadowed by his interactions and experience with Mantine and other Water-typed Pokémon.
  • Sandy and Snowy are the only main nicknamed Pokémon in Sun & Moon.
  • The name Nagisa means calm beach in Japanese. It is also the Japanese name of Sunyshore City.
  • Sandy is the first Pokémon to be caught in a Dive Ball in the anime.
    • The capture also marks the longest duration between one of Ash's female friends' first and second captures, taking at least a 99 episode gap (Primarina’s capture was not shown on screen).
  • Sandy can be somewhat similar to Ash's Totodile, in terms of both being upbeat Pokémon who were caught in special Poké Balls.
  • Sandy is the third Eevee to be caught by a female traveling companion of Ash's. However, it is so far the only one of them to have not evolved, the first Eeveelution being May's Glaceon and the second being Serena's Sylveon.
  • Sandy is one of the known expanded Pokémon of Ultra Guardian, who is not one of its original founding Pokémon, the others are Naganadel, Shaymin and Melmetal. Unlike the rest, it is not genderless.



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