This Alolan Exeggutor is a grass/dragon-type Pokémon owned by Samson Oak.


Samson Oak showed his tall Exeggutor for the class. He explained that the normal Exeggutor was much smaller, but it grew much taller, due to the climate of Alola region. He also mentioned while Exeggutor have Grass and Psychic types, this one had Grass and Dragon types. Ash became amused, and went to pat Exeggutor's tail. However, the tail had a mind of its own, and bashed Ash away.[1]

Samson Oak used Exeggutor to battle Hau's Raichu. Raichu floated around, and used Thunderbolt to electrocute Exeggutor, who endured the attack. Exeggutor used Dragon Hammer to retaliate, but Raichu used Quick Attack to dodge. Thus, Exeggutor was defeated by Raichu's Focus Blast.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Dragon Hammer


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