This Espeon is a Psychic-type that belongs to Sakura and first appeared as an Eevee in the episode, Trouble's Brewing.


Sakura and her Eevee appeared very close, though not the strongest battler, after nearly being beaten by Jessie's Arbok and James' Victreebel, and then getting captured by Team Rocket.

It appeared later in the saga, after evolving into an Espeon sometime in between. It appeared to have grown a lot, not only in size, but as well as in battling experience. It had also learned quite a few new moves now that it had evolved, such as Psybeam and Swift.

Also, despite not being a Water-type, Sakura's Espeon is shown to be a very strong swimmer, which Misty was both surprised and impressed by.

Known moves

  • Using Tackle
  • Using Sand Attack

  • Using Tackle
  • Using Quick Attack
  • Using Psybeam
  • Using Swift


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