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The Safari Zone in Kanto is a large expanse of land located in Fuchsia City. It is owned by the Safari Zone Warden, also called Warden Slowpoke. This zone is home to many rare Pokémon such as Chansey and Kangaskhan but was closed in the Generation II games or turned into a Pal Park Generation IV games after the Warden moved away.


  • Grass


The following Pokémon can be found in the Kanto Safari Zone:


  • Due to a glitch in Pokémon Red and Blue, it is possible to catch Pokémon like Kanghaskan and Tauros that are usually found in the Safari Zone on the coast of Cinnibar Island. MissingNo. can still be encountered, however.


In other languages

Language Name
English Safari Zone
Spanish Zona Safari
Italian Zona Safari
French Parc Safari
German Safari-Zone
Japanese サファリゾーン
Korean 사파리존
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