This Mr. Mime is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Sabrina.



Sabrina's Mr. Mime produced a Light Screen around Saffron City, to prevent anyone from entering the city. To bypass the defenses, Red's Pikachu used Substitute; the dummy entered the city and, with Blue's Golduck's Psychic, it tried to search for the source of the barrier. They found Mr. Mime, who was quickly defeated with Thunderbolt, and the Light Screen wore off.[1]


Scyther was sent out by Bugsy at the Pokémon League exhibition match against Sabrina, who sent out Mr. Mime. Scyther used Fury Cutter, back-to-back, with Mr. Mime taking some serious damage. It managed to dodge one, which set its attack power back to its original. Due to this, Bugsy switched it out for his Heracross, who wounded Sabrina's Mr. Mime with Megahorn. Mr. Mime retaliated with Confusion, which Heracross endured. As it went to attack Mr. Mime, Heracross bumped into an invisible barrier, as Mr. Mime created an invisible room using force. Heracross went to use Take Down, but started using Endure, due to Mr. Mime's Encore. In the end, Heracross was easily defeated by Psybeam.[2] Crystal watched the battle between Sabrina and Bugsy; she learned the former's trick and used it in the Battle Frontier.[3]

Sabrina used her Mr. Mime to battle Team Rocket grunts inside the train.[4]

Known moves

  • Using Encore


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