For other variants of Alakazam belonging to Sabrina, see Sabrina's Alakazam.

This Alakazam is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Sabrina.


The Beginning series

Sabrina and Alakazam were waiting for Blue and Blaine,[1][2] as well as Yellow, Bill and Green on Cerise Island to fight the Elite Four.[3] Sabrina had her Alakazam distribute the Spoon of Destiny to everyone. Next, Alakazam used its power to match the people, who were to be in a team to face the Elite Four. After obtaining the Spoon of Destiny, Sabrina went with Alakazam, Green and her Jiggly to face the Elite Four.[4]

The group went deeper into the caves, where they found Sabrina's Marsh Badge on a pod.[5] While facing Lorelei, Sabrina had her Alakazam use Psychic on Slowbro, whose Amnesia defended it from the attack. Next, Jynx used Lovely Kiss, which made Alakazam and Venomoth confused.[6] With Lorelei's defeat, Sabrina disappeared with her Venomoth and Alakazam.[7]

Gold and Silver series

Bill showed a picture of Sabrina and Alakazam, reminding they were the part of Team Rocket. He pointed this to the Pokémon Association, as they needed some plan to prevent such people from joining the criminal organizations.[8]

Black and White series

Sabrina had her Alakazam give a Spoon of Destiny to Whitley, to let her choose the movie she would star in.[9]

Known moves

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