STAB (an abbreviated form of Same-type attack bonus) amplifies a move's power when a Pokémon's type matches the move's type. This boost in power is increased by 50%. So if a fire-type Pokémon uses Ember, which is a fire-type move, Ember's base power is changed from 40 to 60. If a Pokémon has Adaptability, the boost in power is increased by 100% instead. So if Ember was used in this case, its base power will change from 40 to 80. STAB does not apply to moves that do a set amount of damage, nor ones that do not use the normal damage formula, such as Dragon Rage and Seismic Toss.


Normal-type Pokémon

Normal-type Pokémon also receive STAB, contradicting some of Nintendo's strategy guides.

Dual-type Pokémon

Dual-type Pokémon also receive STAB if the move type is the same to one of their types. Therefore, a Pidgey (a Normal/Flying-type) will receive STAB from Aerial Ace (a Flying-type move) and Tackle (a Normal-type move).


Pokémon with the Protean ability can still get STAB. For instance, a Kecleon, which is a Normal-type, can change into a Psychic-type and receive STAB if it uses Psybeam (a Psychic-type move).

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