- (負けるなポッチャマ!シンオウ地方の流氷レース!! Don't Lose, Piplup! The Drift Ice Race in Sinnoh!!) is the 8th episode of Pokémon the Series: Sword & Shield.


Ash and Go have met a disheartened and worn-out Piplup in Vermilion's port. It appears this Piplup comes from the Sinnoh region and has gotten lost, so they decided to take it back home.

Episode Plot

Ash and Go arrives at the Vermilion port where they saw a group of Tentacool living in the water. Ash touches one of them on head which feel soft and squishy, but causes it to be annoyed and attack Ash. Go attempts to catch one of the Tentacool, hoping he will able to get one of the strong ones. Go finds a powerful and begin to catch, only for it to dodge and caught one of the other Tentacool instead. Despite that Go was still happy about his catch. However, the boys sees something from the sea coming in their direction. The Pokémon emerges from the water, revealing to be a disheartened and worn-out Piplup. The boys was shocked by this and become terrified that Piplup has passed out.

At the Sakuragi Institute, Piplup was eating some Pokémon food while the boys and Professor Sakuragi question where did it came from. Koharu came home and asks what they're doing, with Go answer that they're simply watching Piplup. However they realize that it was gone out of their sights until Mimey came and tells everyone where Piplup is. The boys were terrified to Piplup is swimming in their bathroom sink. Renji came and tells everyone to come in the main room. Everyone was at the lab, where they see a girl name Misaki from the screen who is Piplup's trainer. Misaki thank them for finding and saving her Piplup as she explain she and it are from the Sinnoh region, and was worried that Piplup runaway. Sakuragi then told the boys to head to the Sinnoh region to return Piplup back to its trainer.

The boys arrives in the Sinnoh region where they see a festival going on. Go show Ash a poster about a Pokémon race called the "Drift Ice Race" and plan to check it out after they complete their mission. Underwater, Team Rocket was following them and overheard their conversation and plan to capture Ash's Pikachu along with the other Pokémon in the race. However, they're were exhausted by peddling their ship as they couldn't afford to buy a electric assists or to installed the vehicle to run on electricity.

Upon arriving at the festival, Ash tries to look for Misaki while Go attempt a Pokémon where he successfully caught a Mantyke. Misaki arrives as she apologizes for being late as she dropped her glasses on her way. Misaki greets her Piplup as she welcome it back but the latter shrug her off. Misaki thanks the boys for saving her Piplup until she dropped her glasses, which Piplup pick up and return it to her. Misaki attempts to bring Piplup back home with her but the latter refuses which makes the boys and the former wonders why is Piplup angry. A Croagunk appears which is Misaki's other Pokémon who the latter's state it was simply came as it was worried about Piplup. However, the boys and Misaki are shock when they see Piplup and Croagunk fighting.

The boys start to question if Croagunk was responsible for Piplup's disappearance and asks Misaki about the incident. Misaki explains that she first met Piplup about a year ago, when she drop her glasses in the ocean and Piplup return it to her. At her house, Miaki saw Piplup swimming in her pool, which she decides to have it enter Drift Ice Race where it won the competition. Ash was amazes about Piplup's origin but Go asks on how Misaki met Croagunk. Misaki explains that she met Croagunk last month where she have same incident with glasses. Croagunk had been living with both Misaki and Piplup since then, but the two Pokémon developed a rivalry with each other. During their rivarly Piplup lost to Croagunk during a little swimming race which impress Misaki and praised Croagunk for its skills, which cause Piplup to be heartbroken and left Sinnoh. The boys realizes that Piplup left because it lost to Croagunk and swam to Kanto to train and beat it in a rematch. Piplup disappear only to return to sign both Croagunk and itslef to compete int the Drift Ice Race race to settle score during the competition. Miaski is displease by this as she just want the both if them to be friends with each other.

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  • "Who's that Pokémon?:" Piplup (JP)
  • This is the first episode to air in 2020 and the first to air in the 2020s.


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