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Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues! (ありがとうアローラ!それぞれの旅立ち!!, Thank You, Alola! Respective Departures!!) is the 54th and final episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends and the final episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon.


Ash has decided to return to Pallet Town. However, he can't quite bring himself to tell the others. In addition, the time for Team Rocket to part ways with Mimikyu and the others is rapidly approaching.

Episode plot

At the Pokémon School, Kiawe confirms to others that he will be assisting Olivia during the vacation. Lana reminds it is important to be learning from the master, to which Mallow notes she is the one that knows that the best. Sophocles wonders about Ash's plans. Ash confirms, but just as he is to say, Lillie greets everyone, surprising them to see the active Magearna by her side. The Pokémon greet Magearna, while Rotom takes photos of it. The classmates congratulate Lillie, who attributes the success to Zoroark. Lillie takes a pause, and reveals she wants to go on a journey with her family, to find her father. Her friends are surprised, while Lillie explains Magearna will show the way. In fact, just as Magearna woke up, Lillie hugged it, causing her Z-Ring to glow. A flash was shot into Magearna, who shot a purple beam. Lillie and Gladion wondered what was going on, to which Magearna pointed to Mohn's picture. Zoroark became happy, and Gladion realized Magearna pointed the way where their father was. Lillie was overjoyed, and went to call their mother.

Ash applauds Magearna, while Lillie adds that Lusamine has resolved herself to find her husband, and will not return after that. She and her brother decided to accompany her, sharing the same feelings. Mallow hopes for her return, to which she confirms. Sophocles, Lana and Mallow are relieved to hear that, which makes Ash ponder his thoughts as he realized that he should wait to tell everyone about his plans to leave Alola as well. At Bewear's den, Bewear feeds Team Rocket with honey, as does Mareanie with Stufful and Mimikyu. Suddenly, they received a call from the HQ. Jessie states they can wait, as they haven't finished their meal, or even want to see the secretary or her Alolan Meowth. Suddenly, Mimikyu presses the button, activating the video link. The boss greets Team Rocket, who immediately go in front of the screen, out of their surprise. He asks of them to return to the HQ, much to Team Rocket's surprise. Matori explains they have been withholding information about their progress in Alola for too long. Her Alolan Meowth mutters something, to which Meowth takes offense to, as it does not believe the trio did anything notable. The boss anticipates great things from the trio, and logs out.

Team Rocket start thinking what will they do. As Stufful and Mimikyu argue, and Mareanie breaks their fight, Team Rocket worry a bit. As the bell rings, Kukui reminds that tomorrow the vacations will start. He hopes all of them will chase after their dreams. As the group exits the school, Lillie sees her limo driver, and remembers she has to go shopping with her mother, to buy the necessary supplies. Before she walks away, Mallow asks of her to take her recipe - a special dish designed for Snowy. Lillie is happy, and promises to take the recipe tomorrow. As Lillie walks away, Mallow mutters the plan is working, and smiles with the rest. At the den, Team Rocket is packing up. Jessie reminds James to tell Mareanie about the thing. James asks did she do the same with Mimikyu, to which she denies, but believes Mimikyu to be a tough sort. Suddenly, Mareanie walks into the room, and looks at all the crates. Meowth and Jessie encourage James to tell her. James walks to Mareanie, and tells her they will be going to HQ soon. Mareanie imagines she and Mimikyu will accompany them, and glomps James, poisoning him.

James explains Mareanie that she will stay with Mimikyu, Stufful and Bewear. Mareanie, however, is too infatuated to listen to James, and tells Mimikyu, who glows with a malicious aura. Jessie asks of Meowth to explain to Mareanie, but he doubts his words will go through to her. At evening, Ash is walking with Pikachu and Rotom at the beach. Ash looks at the horizon, remarking how beautiful the sunset is. Rotom asks Ash when will he tell others about his departure from Alola. Ash believes he will tell them all tomorrow. Suddenly, Pikachu gets attacked by Team Rocket's Mimikyu. Mimikyu fires Shadow Ball, to which Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to disrupt the attack. However, Mimikyu continues attacking Pikachu with its tail, who evades the attacks. Pikachu uses Iron Tail, which slams Mimikyu to the sea. As it goes to attack, Mimikyu suddenly sees its reflection in the water and becomes sad. It loses its will to fight and falls into the sea. Ash and Pikachu get worried, and the latter gets Mimikyu out of the sea to the land. Mimikyu stands up, and instead of attacking Pikachu, it wobbles away. Rotom senses Mimikyu is acting differently; Ash wonders if it will find its way home, to which Mimikyu waves goodbye to them.

Ash sees they will have to go home, too. Before they do, Nebby appears behind them. Ash, Pikachu and Rotom are delighted to see it, and hug it. At night, Mimikyu is walking through the forest when Meowth encounters it. Meowth wonders where it has been, for even Jessie has been worried about it. Mimikyu utters a cry, and Meowth sees it went to confront Ash and Pikachu. Meowth reminds life is tough for Pokémon. He hears Mimikyu saw its reflection in the water, and that its rage would accomplish nothing whatsoever. Meowth believes it is the time to look upwards, to which Mimikyu cheers itself up. A moment later, Mimikyu sleeps with Marenie and Stufful. James visits Mareanie, and reminds her that this was like a good home for all of them. Also, James tells Mareanie that they'll be back in Alola one day and promises her that it will happen. Thus, he places Team Rocket's Z-Ring on her head, asking her to take care of this den. After saying goodbye to Mareanie, He joins with Jessie, Meowth and Wobbuffet, who are about to leave on their balloon. They admit to Bewear that this was a comfortable place they have stayed in. The four of them bow down and thanked her for taking them in during their time in Alola, but start panicking when Bewear extends her arms. However, they feel fuzzy when she hugs them all.

As they go aboard the balloon, Meowth translates Bewear's question if they are going to the Kanto region. They confirm this, to which Bewear takes the balloon and tosses it up to the sky to give Team Rocket a great push. Next morning, Lillie visits Aina's Kitchen. However, she gets enveloped in a bubble, for Kiawe, Lana, Sophocles and Mallow have surprised her. In fact, this is a surprise party before her departure. Inside, the Pokémon eat many meals, but their trainers do not, for they are still waiting for Ash. As they wonder if Ash got distracted, they hear a loud roar. Outside, they find Ash, Pikachu and Rotom atop of Nebby, who is descending down from the sky. He greets everyone, and explains Solgaleo visited him last night. He went atop of Solgaleo, who carried him through the Ultra Wormhole. He adds they visited a strange world, where they helped an Ultra Beast in there. Despite Ash's bad explanation, Rotom goes to show them the footage. Others add Rotom is a huge help, to which Rotom tells Lusamine said the same thing - as of today, it is an employee of Aether Paradise.

Ash explains they went to Aether Paradise with Kukui, to show the scientists over there the video that Rotom made. Rotom showed the data to Burnet, Wicke, Faba and Lusamine, who were amazed by Rotom's capabilites. Lusamine asked Rotom would it like to work in Aether Foundation, surprising it. Rotom was surprised, but Burnet believed with their cooperation, it could become the greatest Pokédex in the world. Rotom was thrilled, and looked to Ash, who reminded its dream was coming true. Ash finishes the story, and sees it is time for Solgaleo to leave. Ash looks to his friends, and explains one more thing, he will be going back home to Pallet Town. His friends are in shock, but Ash explains that it was amazing to go to Alola, meet such great friends and enroll in the Pokémon School, which he claims has been the best. However, Ash tells his friends that he now knows it was time for him to return to Kanto and hang out in Pallet Town for a while then travel to a new place. Ash explains to his friends about his beliefs that if he keeps traveling that he'll not only meet even more new people and Pokémon but also make him a better Trainer in order to push himself to become a Pokémon Master someday. Ash's classmates are saddened by this surprising revelation, but they promise to support him in his goal nevertheless.

A moment later, at the docks, Gladion, Lusamine and Lillie, as well as their Pokémon, bid farewell to their colleagues & friends. Lillie sees this is the moment they have to depart. Sophocles promises to bring her a gift from Mossdeep City, when he comes back. Mallow hopes she finds her father soon, and Kiawe reminds to give them a call if something goes wrong, while Lana asks of her to write letters to them. Lillie promises to, and Ash bids her farewell. Lillie shies away a bit as she bids farewell to Ash. Gladion approaches the latter, and the two promise to have a battle if they were to encounter each other. The two promise to, and Rotom states it will take a photo of the entire group. Everyone lines up, and Rotom takes the photo. Later on, Lillie, Gladion, Lusamine, and their the latter starts thinking of her adventures, with bonding over Snowy and Pikachu, rescuing Lusamine from the Ultra Space, the time she was shrunk down, and watched Ash and Pikachu's battle in the Alola League exhibition match.


Goodbye and Thank You, Alola! - Pokémon the Series- Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends - Official Clip

Ash and Pikachu bid farewell to their friends.

In that moment, Lillie sprints ahead, and shouts out to Ash that she is glad to have met him. She thanks him for helping her befriend Pokémon, touch them, care for them and love them again, and Ash thanks her in return.

Early the next morning, Kukui drives Ash and Burnet to the airport. Before leaving for his flight, Ash asks them to take care of his Alolan Pokémon; both Professors promise to do so, in addition to bringing them to the Pokémon School so they can serve as Ultra Guardians. Finally, Kukui tells Ash they will always support him, wherever he goes and whatever he does, and the two Professors embrace Ash as a sign of farewell before he leaves. As the sun rises, Ash is in his plane with Pikachu, thanking the Alola region for his experiences there. Suddenly, the two are surprised to see that their friends have come to bid farewell in their Ultra Guardians outfits, to surprise Ash before he departs. Ash is moved to tears, and waves goodbye to them with Pikachu as they continue their flight back to Kanto.

As the vacation starts, Sophocles goes with Molayne to Mossdeep City. Lana and Mallow support Kiawe, who flies off on his Charizard for Olivia's special training. Lana swears to bring Mallow a fish print of Manaphy, and goes aboard her father's boat. As Mallow is cleaning Aina's Kitchen, she gets visited by Ulu, who has returned home. He passes some flowers to Mallow, and greets his father, Abe, who is pleased to see him having returned. Shaymin takes an interest in the flowers, and smooshes its head into them, transforming into the Sky Form. Mallow follows Shaymin, who comes outside to find more of its kind waiting for it. Mallow understands Shaymin has to go with its friends, and thanks it for being there for her. Shaymin utters a cry, and flies off with the rest of its kind, as Tsareena waves goodbye to her dear friend.

A silent montage is then shown, showing Mareanie and Mimikyu enjoying their time with Bewear and Stufful, Hau, supported by his grandfather Hala, battling against Island Kahuna Nanu, Guzma training his grunts with Plumeria observing, Rotom making more reports in Aether Foundation alongside Faba and Wicke, Gladion, Lillie and Lusamine continuing their journey to find Mohn, and lastly, Kukui and Burnet sitting on the front porch of their house with Ash's Rowlet and Lycanroc. Burnet rubs her swollen belly, and Kukui places his hand over hers. .and your dreams!


  • "Who's that Pokémon?:" None (JA), Solgaleo (EN)
    • Unlike every episode from "Battle Royal 151!" to "Dreams of the Sun and Moon!", which featured Dare da? segments exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video version which were not shown on the original airing or other streaming services such as Hulu, this episode does not feature a Dare da? segment at all, even on Amazon.
  • This episode marks the series finale of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon.
  • This is the only episode in the Sun & Moon series where the episode skips directly to the title card, and the instrumental version of the English dub opening theme "The Challenge of Life" only plays during the ending credits.
  • Unlike the XY series, there is no next episode preview for the first episode of the next series following this episode, even on re-released versions such as Hulu Japan, Amazon Prime Japan, the rental DVDs, and reruns on channels such as Kids Station.
  • This is the only episode in the Sun & Moon series not to feature the five-second rerun-only 次回お楽しみに! tag at the end of the episode, even on reruns (such as on Kids Station) and streaming services that normally show it (such as Hulu and TV Tokyo's AniTV). It is also not shown in the Hulu versions of episodes of the following series either.
  • This is the first episode to show a character being pregnant.
  • Like in the XY series, Type: Wild was used as the ending theme, with scenes of Ash's journey through Alola. In the dub, the instrumental medley from the English dub of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon is used instead.
  • Like in the XY series, instead of "Next Time... A New Beginning!", the final reads a different title "...and your dreams!", which is a reference to the final line of Type: Wild, just like the final reads a different title "And to our own Way".
  • This is the last episode of the Pokémon anime series to air on Disney XD, before moving to Netflix for Pokémon Journeys: The Series.