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Show Me the Metal! (アローラ上陸!タルタルメタルパニック!!, Arrival in Alola! Melty Metal Panic!!) is the 19th episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends.


Ash and his friends have finished their research projects on Poni Island, and returned to Melemele Island. Unbeknownst to them, however, a group of mysterious Pokémon embark with them. After arriving at the port of Hau'oli City, the mysterious Pokémon begin to cause problems by eating any and all metallic-related items, such as James' bottle cap collection, some of the students' tools, and even nearby metals around the school itself before Ash and his friends find one of them, who befriends Ash's Rowlet.

Episode plot

The beings that snuck onto the boat that Ash and friends rode from Poni to Melemele Island are at a warehouse. There, they gnaw on metal objects, and even fight over a screw. One of them tries to break up the fight, but gets pushed away. It lands on a manhole, but the other beings push it away so they can gnaw that piece of metal, too. However, the manhole disappears, causing the beings to fall into the hole. The others watch their disappearance, and by incident, fall into the hole to the tunnels. They go through the tunnels, and encounter a Rattata. A moment later, they slip down before being scared by the Rattata, and separate into two groups. One group continues on to the sewers, and find a ladder leading to a manhole. The beings eat through the metal, and hear James and Meowth, who have done shopping with Wobbuffet. As James admires a screw he bought, the trio trips over, causing all the rings and bolts that Wobbuffet carried to fall on the ground. The three pick up the items back into the box, and continue on, as they are observed by the beings that adore that metal.

As Wobbuffet places the box inside the van, he, James and Meowth enter the van and ride away, after the beings sneak into the van. The other group of beings is in the other part of the sewers. A Magneton passes by, and encounters these beings. The beings latch onto Magneton, who electrocutes them, causing them to fall down and allowing it to continue. At Bewear's cave, Jessie opens the fridge, delighted to find Meowth's dessert. She thinks Meowth was gullible to place it on such an obvious spot, yet wanted to protect it from being eaten. As she closes the fridge's door, Meowth comes in, and notices Jessie being suspicious. However, he gets called by James for help, who has trouble carrying the box. He sees he bought some strange things, unaware that the beings are in it. Suddenly, Meowth screams, as his dessert is gone. He looks at Jessie, who swears she didn't eat it, and blames Meowth for trying to hide that from sharing with others. Meowth notices she's holding it, and as the group argues with each other, the beings come out of the box. At the school, Kukui announces the lesson in electrical appliances, and has Sophocles demonstrate.

As Togedemaru runs on the wheel, Sophocles shows the many tools they can use. The class is amazed, but wonder if they can really construct something, to which Sophocles reminds he is here to help. Kukui tells their first task is to dismantle the reference machine, to see how it is working. In the Ultra Guardians' base, Clefable is tidying up the place. Through a shaft, the beings come in, and start eating the electrical equipment. Clefable turns around, and becomes shocked to see this vandalism, and stomps on these beings. The beings become scared and run off from Clefable, until they are lifted up on the platform. Clefable doesn't see them, and continues cleaning the place up. The beings are lifted up to Kukui's class, who are examining the devices. The beings jump into the box of tools and start eating. Sophocles asks Ash for a ring spanner, but Ash mistakes it for wrenches. Lana passes Sophocles the tool, who asks Lillie for some hex nuts. Lillie takes a moment, and mistakes one of the beings for the nus. Sophocles notices that the nut is too big, and they see something attached to it. Ash, Lana and Mallow begin poking & prodding at its body and pulling on its red cable and black eyeball. This is too much for the being, and it fires a Flash Cannon.

The heroes are shocked, realizing this being might be a Pokémon, which Rotom cannot identify. Kukui admits he does not even know about this species, either, making everyone wonder if they have discovered a new Pokémon species. Sophocles points at the box, where there are more of these strange Pokémon. Sandy begins bumping the box, causing the Pokémon to prepare for Flash Cannon. Pikachu uses Electroweb to protect Sandy. Lana thanks Ash and Pikachu, while Kukui deduces that these Pokémon attack if they are provoked. Kiawe tries sweet-talking the Pokémon and petting them, but gets electrocuted. Sophocles notices all the tools have disappeared, and the class notes these Pokémon must've eaten them. Ash wonders where they come from, and offers them a wrench, which the Pokémon gladly eat.

Lillie believes the red cables must be their tails, and Ash thinks that the wagging is a sign of happiness. Kiawe wonders if the black balls in the center of their heads are their eyes, which makes Lana wonder why they're floating. Sophocles suspects it is magnetism, and remembers there is an electromagnet in the machine. He activates it, causing the Pokémon to be pulled towards the electromagnet. Lana states it must be a Steel-type Pokémon, who are happy about this force attracting them. Marowak ignites its bone and performs a welcome dance for these Pokémon. The Pokémon come close to Marowak, but the fire from the bone heats up their bodies making them scream in pain. The Pokémon jump off the railing and scatter.

At Bewear's cave, the Team Rocket trio have pieces of Meowth's dessert in their cups. However, they take one gulp, and aren't impressed by how much they just ate. Jessie and Meowth argue, but James tries to calm them down. He states he bought the parts for a low price, but as he looks at the box, he finds it empty. James and Meowth are shocked to see it empty, but Jessie thinks they must've dropped the parts somewhere. James assures her he brought the parts, but he notices their weapon being destroyed. They hear some noise, and believe a Pokémon did it. They look around, unaware that the metal Pokémon are under a computer, and found a chest of bottle caps. As the Pokémon eat some, one of them drops a bottle cap. James hears this, and screams, finding his collection ruined. Suspecting that same intruder has done this, too, they hear some more noise. James opens the lid, and finds the Pokémon, who ate all the electronics.


Rowlet Makes a New Friend! - Pokémon the Series- Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends - Official Clip

Rowlet making a new friend.

Jessie takes one, and thinks James bought this nut. James denies, and yells to this Pokémon if it ate the metal. That Pokémon wakes up, and uses Flash Cannon. Team Rocket is startled, and the Pokémon escape from the cave. At school the class wonders where these Pokémon have gone, and decide to split up and search. One of the Pokémon comes back to the classroom, and encounters Ash's sleeping Rowlet. The Pokémon takes a nap, until Rowlet wakes up. The sheer pressure causes the Pokémon's nut to fall off onto the roof. A Murkrow goes to steal it, but Rowlet snatches that nut and gives it back to the Pokémon, who becomes really happy that Rowlet returned that nut. With that passed, Rowlet goes into Ash's backpack.

Team Rocket corner the Pokémon onto a field. Meowth sees these Pokémon are afraid, pretending they are actually good. Jessie suspects they can get good money for selling these new Pokémon species. Thus, Jessie orders Shadow Ball, but Mimikyu fires a tiny attack. Meowth reminds that Mimikyu won't fight another opponent unless they are Pikachu. Thus, Mareanie, who glomped James, fires Spike Cannon. Meowth throws a net, which gets repelled by the Pokémon's Flash Cannon, and Team Rocket get attacked by the same move. Fortunately, Bewear and Stufful appear to stop that attack, and the former makes a scary face to ward off the Pokémon, who run off. Though Team Rocket is pleased they got rid of them, they still see they need to get them for damaging their property. Instead, Bewear carries away Jessie, James, Wobbuffet and Meowth, and the former gets hit in the butt by Stufful.

The other group of Pokémon climb to the school's bell tower. Pikachu warns Ash about that, and the class goes atop that tower. Just as these Pokémon are about to eat the bell, Komala rings the school bell. Though the class is nearly deafened by the bell's sound, they notice the nuts around the Pokémon's black eyes are spinning around, as if they're vibrating to these sounds. These Pokémon resonate with the other group, which look to the direction of the Pokémon School. The Pokémon at the bell jump away and run off, though Rotom managed to get a lot of data from these observations. At the classroom, Ash gets his backpack, and comes home with Professor Kukui, where they contact Professor Oak. Oak greets them, and is told of the new Pokémon that Ash and Kukui have encountered.

Rotom sends the data through a phone, and Oak analyzes it. He is surprised how much data they have obtained, and believes this could be the discovery of the century. Ash is pleased, while Oak promises to send the results of the research. Rowlet opens the backpack, revealing that one of the Pokémon is inside that backpack. At night, in the Ultra Guardians base, Clefable is cleaning the place, and is displeased to see the two groups of Pokémon reuniting.

As Meowth and Wobbuffet set the new fridge, James is still heartbroken from the loss of his bottle caps. Jessie tells him to help out and forget about the bottle cap, but James refuses to believe it is *just a bottle cap*.


  • "Who's That Pokémon?:" Meltan (JA), Clefable (EN)
  • The Poké Problem segment hosted by Meowth asks what does he keep hidden in the refrigerator in today's episode. The correct answer is the red answer, pudding à la mode. The other answers are the limited Alolan ice cream (blue), Lum Berry juice (green), and fluffy shaved ice (yellow).
  • The episode is named after the anime Full Metal Panic.
  • The English dub's title is a reference to the quote "Show Me The Money!"
  • One of James' now destroyed bottle cap collections has an icon that resembles OLM Inc., the animator of Pokémon anime series.


James: [shrieks one horror]
Meowth: What's up?
Jessie: Huh?