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We Know Where You're Going, Eevee! (イーブイどこいくの?あのコに会いにどこまでも!, Where Are You Going, Eevee? Heading Wherever to Meet Someone!) is the 7th episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends.


An Eevee has come to town to find the Pokémon he met at a beach earlier. Just as he and Lana's Popplio meet again, they end up being chased around by a nasty Persian, then lastly Team Skull.

Episode plot

The wild Eevee who arrived in Alola is at his cave eating some berries, after a series of adventures he had. Outside, he encounters a Furfrou, and attempt to affectionately greet with unknowingly rude using a Tackle. Furfrou becomes annoyed, and shakes the sand off, then evades Eevee's next attempt at tackling. Eevee shakes the sand off, too, and sees Furfrou returning to its trainer. Seeing this, Eevee thinks about his new Pokémon friends and decides to find them. Meanwhile, Lana greets her sisters, who are really happy to know their father is coming home. Lana smiles and looks at the photo of her family. Her mother tells her daughters that their father managed to capture every Pokémon that the lab asked for, including Kyogre. However, Lana's mother is joking about that last part, but admits they will have a big celebration tonight. Harper and Sarah want some malasada, and Lana promises to buy some.

Eevee goes to the shopping mall, and notices Lana carrying Popplio, his friend. Eevee becomes happy, and follows the two. While its owner is trying on some new jewelry, Persian notices Eevee roaming about. It licks its lips, as he resembles someone it knew with a similar hairstyle. Persian greets Eevee, who approaches him, thinking it as its new friend. Just then, Eevee narrowly dodges Persian's attack, and is in shock that Persian just attacked him. Thus, Eevee retreats, as Persian goes after him. As Lana is buying the malasada, Popplio notices Eevee being chased by Persian, and goes after them. Lana goes to make her order, but notices Popplio has gone. She goes to search for a bit, but does not find her. At the market, Ash has his Pokémon eat at Anela's stand. Anela offers Ash some food too, as she wanted to see how Torracat was doing. Suddenly, Pikachu notices Lana nearby and informs Ash as he sees their friend coming by. Ash greets Lana as she goes over to him and his Pokémon while his Rowlet jumps into his backpack to rest. Lana then informs Ash and his Pokémon about Popplio's disappearance.

Popplio snatches Eevee, who is hiding away from Persian. Eevee, upon seeing Popplio again, keeps tackling her in affection. Persian notices Eevee's tail, and pounces on him and Popplio, who dashes away. However, Popplio cannot run fast on land and Eevee decides to match his speed with hers in order to run together, and Persian closes up on them. To gain some speed, Popplio takes Eevee, and uses Aqua Jet to fly off. Persian slips on the water stream left by the attack, which makes Popplio glad. However, the two are about to crash into Furfrou, so Popplio changes direction, and she and Eevee end up falling into a stream. Persian notices the two floating away, but is called quickly by its owner away before it gets into any trouble. Despite ending up in the stream, Eevee and Popplio are pleased then they swim away.

Meanwhile, Lana and Ash speak to Sophocles, who is surprised to hear that Popplio has gone missing. The group meets up with Mallow, who pledges her support in finding Popplio. Lillie, who is riding in the car, notices the group as she asks the driver to let her and Snowy out, which the drivers does. After coming out of the car, Lillie sees her friends Pokémon but notices that Lana's Popplio is missing and decides to help her friends find the Sea Lion Pokémon. Seeing Kiawe up in the air, Ash gets their friends attention and informs him of the situation. Kiawe promises to help his friends in the search for Popplio. Even Rowlet comes out of Ash's backpack, and after Pikachu's explanation, decides to search from the sky as well.

Popplio and Eevee end up on the outskirts of the city. Eevee notices a Salandit, a Garbodor, and a Zubat, and goes to greet them. Upon seeing the Pokémon that Eevee wants to greet, Popplio becomes terrified, as she recognizes them as Team Skull's Pokémon. Eevee uses Tackle again in order to greet the three delinquent Pokémon, being interested in making new friends, but Popplio tries to stop him from being nearing them. However, Rapp, Tupp, and Zipp return to their three Pokémon. Rapp becomes infatuated with Eevee, wishing to take him home. Zipp is against that, as he reminds her that Tupp's awful memories of Ilima and his Eevee could resurface. Realizing that having Eevee would attract a lot of girls like Ilima did, Tupp demands Eevee to himself. However, Rapp wants Eevee for herself, and the two start arguing. Rowlet notices Popplio and Eevee then goes to inform Ash their location. Eevee gets pulled around, so Popplio emits Bubble Beam to have the grunts stop, but the grunts continue pulling her best friend. However, before Popplio attacked Team Skull again, she hears Ash's ordering Pikachu to use Quick Attack to knock the grunts away, which got the Sea Lion Pokémon to realize that Lana and the rest of her friends are also here. Seeing Eevee falling, Popplio goes to save her best friend and managed to catch him before falling into the sand.

Lana goes to see Popplio and asks her if she is alright, which she saids yes to, then Eevee, who remembers her from before and is amazed by her compassion, goes to greet her. Seeing the Evolution Pokémon with Popplio, Lana wonders if the Eevee accompanying her is lost. However, the rest of the Pokémon arrive and Rotom is amazed to see a wild Eevee. The latter, upon noticing his Pokémon friends it met when it arrived in Alola, tackles them all in affection, making Ash and the others realize that their Pokémon are already friends with the Evolution Pokémon. However, the fun reunion is cut off when the grunts demand Eevee as Rapp and Tupp resume bickering with each other. Lana manages to scoop up the Eevee in her arms and Popplio on her head as she alongside her friends continue watching Team Skull argue, unamused. As they continue, Ash, annoyed and losing his patience, manages to stop Team Skull's arguing when he yells at them, as he tells them that they're clueless, which annoys them. Ash tells Team Skull that Eevee doesn't like them and isn't gonna let them catch him. Hearing this, Team Skull gets mad and decides to take Eevee by force through a Pokémon battle.

Ash has Pikachu get ready to battle, but they both stepped aside when Popplio decides that she wants to be the one to battle Team Skull. Seeing her partner's bravery, Lana puts Eevee down and joins Popplio in defending their friend. Inspired by their determination, Eevee decides to battle Team Skull with Lana and Popplio, much to their surprise. Salandit fires Flame Burst, Garbodor launches Sludge Bomb, and Zubat uses Supersonic. Lana calls for Aqua Jet, but Popplio uses Surf instead, protecting herself from the attacks. Eevee goes atop the wave and high-fives Popplio, which surprises and amazes Lana. Eevee then jumps away and hits Team Skull, who are sent flying away. Kiawe was still riding on Charizard, and gets startled when Team Skull flies by him. Popplio hugs Eevee, whose move Rotom identifies as Double-Edge.

Kiawe joins the group, and is told of Popplio's new friend. Lana praises Popplio and Eevee teamwork, and Mallow comments their unbreakable friendship. Ash agrees with Mallow then recommends Lana that she should catch Eevee. Hearing this, Lana becomes surprised about it but Sophocles, Lillie and Kiawe agree with Ash's idea as they point out that Eevee not only likes her but he also might want to go with her. Lana notices Eevee's love towards the sea, and realizes that her friends are right that the Evolution Pokémon has taken an interest in her then says "Sandy", Eevee's nickname. Her friends, minus Ash and Lillie, are surprised that she nicknamed Eevee before catching him. Eevee wipes off the water from his fur, and then notice Lana right in front of him. Eevee looks at Lana for a second then is asked by her if he wants to come with her and Popplio. Hearing this and wanting to be with his new friends, Eevee happily accepts Lana's offer, which marks the end of his journey as a wild Pokémon and beginning his new one as Sandy. Lana takes out a Dive Ball and throws it at Eevee, who becomes caught.

In the evening, Harper and Sarah are amazed by the feast their mother has made, and that Sandy has arrived into their home. Their father arrives, whom Harper and Sarah greet, and Sandy uses Tackle again while greeting him. Lana's father examines Sandy as Lana tells him that he's her new friend and partner. Also, Lana tells her father that Sandy loves the sea. Hearing this, Lana's father realizes that this Eevee may have been the same one who rode with a Mantine; he saw them when he was fishing. Since Sandy is a bit bothered by his shaggy hair, Lana takes some scissors and trims down that hair to what resembles hers, which pleases Sandy.

As Harper and Sarah play with Popplio and Sandy, the latter looks at the mirror. Sandy becomes happy, seeing his new haircut.




  • "Who's That Pokémon?:" Zubat (JA), Salandit (EN).
  • The Poké Problem segment hosted by Lana asks who is the Pokémon that Popplio helps in today's episode. The correct answer is the yellow answer, Eevee. The other answers are Mantine (blue), Alolan Persian (red), and Heart Trim Furfrou (green).
  • This episode takes place after the fifth and final sixth episode of Where Are You Going, Eevee? shorts.