- (寝る子は強い、ネッコアラの秘密!! The Powerful Sleeping Little One, the Secret of Komala!!) is the 56th episode of the Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon series. It is unknown which dub season it will be in.


Principal Oak has come to the Pokémon School with Komala in tow. But as the principal tells the students about Komala, Jiggypuff shows up and a fight breaks loose.

Episode Plot

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  • "Who's that Pokémon?:" Jigglypuff (Seen from above; JP)
  • A Jigglypuff from above in Who's that Pokémon? is a reference to The Ultimate Test from the original series which features a circle-shaped silhouette and later turns out to be a Jigglypuff seen from above.
  • The Poké Question segment hosted by Sophocles asks which Pokémon was a rival for Komala in this episode. The correct answer is the blue answer, Jigglypuff. The other answers are Abra (red), Grimer (green), and Kangaskhan (yellow).
  • Just like the previous episodes, this segment was not shown in the original broadcast due to the giveaway events related to the 1000th episode. This is the final 8 weeks 1000th episode event for this episode.


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