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Trials and Determinations! (ライチの大試練!一番ハードなポケモン勝負!! Olivia's Grand Trial! The Hardest Pokémon Match!!) is the 36th episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon.


With the Grassium Z in hand, Ash finally begins his trial battle with Olivia for his next Z-Crystal while being watched by Tapu Lele. Ash pits Rowlet and Rockruff against Olivia and her Probopass and Lycanroc.

Episode plot

Everyone watches as Ash places the Grassium Z on his Z-Ring and activates it. Ash has Rowlet use Bloom Doom, but aside from Ash glowing, nothing else happens. Mallow points out to Ash he has to hold hands in the air, as she, Rowlet and Ash are displeased by his progress. Sophocles wonders if Ash will pass the Grand Trial. Ash claims he works better under pressure, while Lillie and Lana are excited they'll watch the Grand Trial. Rockruff approaches Ash, who thinks Rockruff is also willing to train. However, Rockruff bites Ash, which surprises him and Kukui. Regardless, Ash promises to do whatever it takes to win. Elsewhere, Olivia prays at the altar to Tapu Lele, wishing the Guardian's blessing in taking Ash as her challenger. The group arrives to the Ruins of Life, where the Grand Trial is to be held, and is the altar to Tapu Lele. Others let Ash know they'll cheer him on, as they go down the stairs to the battlefield.

Rotom starts recording, as Olivia comes to the battlefield. Ash greets her, and tells he is ready for the battle. Before they do, Olivia notes Rockruff barking. Olivia makes a prayer to Wela Volcano to protect Ash and give him the strength. Mallow sees how awesome Olivia is, while Lana sees Olivia is a different person now. Olivia grins, expecting of Ash to start. Suddenly, Rockruff starts barking. Ash tries to hold it, but gets bitten and releases Rockruff, who is looking at Lycanroc. Olivia sends Probopass, and even sends Lycanroc, declaring this to be a Double Battle. Kiawe remembers he did a Single Battle against Olivia, who explains since Ash fought Hala and has obtained more Z-Crystals, this is a more difficult challenge to get the best out of him. Ash smiles, wishing to get started, while Kukui notes his fiery passion. Others watch, but Sophocles' stomach growls, as he forgot to eat anything. Suddenly, Rockruff comes to Lycanroc and barks at him, so Ash takes him and sends Rowlet, whom Mallow sees it is woken up. Ash pets Pikachu and Litten, who go to watch the Grand Trial.

To start off, Ash has Rockruff use Rock Throw and Rowlet to fire Leafage. Lillie asks can Ash attack at the same time; Sophocles confirms this, as it shows the power of a trainer. However, Olivia has Probopass and Lycanroc stand together, as the latter uses Rock Throw to negate the attacks and inflict damage on Rockruff and Rowlet. The two return on the ground, which relieves Lana and Mallow. Probopass uses Stealth Rock, which surrounds Rockruff and Rowlet. Rockruff charges to attack, but bashes into the rock; Stealth Rock reveals itself, surrounding Rockruff and Rowlet. Kiawe is impressed, seeing Lycanroc defended Probopass and made some offense. Instead, Rowlet takes Rockruff in air and uses Leafage on Probopass, hitting it. Olivia wonders how much Ash can keep this tactic, as Probopass' Mini-Noses fly around the two and block Rowlet's movement. Rockruff uses Rock Throw, blowing the Mini-Noses away. However, one explodes, causing Rockruff and Rowlet to fall onto the Stealth Rock and take more damage. Olivia states how Ash will have to evade these magnetic attacks, else he won't pass.

Pikachu and Litten cheer for Ash, who grins, thinking how he can pass the Grand Trial. Olivia is amused, claiming passionate trainers are the best. Olivia has Probopass uses Zap Cannon and Lycanroc fires Accelerock. Rowlet takes Rockruff in air and uses Leafage on Lycanroc, who jumps on the Mini-Noses to use Accelerock. Rowlet falls down, and Probopass fires Zap Cannon. However, Rockruff pushes the Mini-Nose away, causing the Zap Cannon to hit that instead. Ash praises Rowlet and Rockruff, the former saluting the latter. However, Rockruff barks at Rowlet, which surprises others for its behavior. Probopass uses the Mini-Noses to surround Rowlet and Rockruff, while Olivia braces Lycanroc for her Z-Move. Ash remembers Gladion and his Lycanroc's Continental Crush, and has Rowlet take Rockruff in air. Olivia passes the Z-Power onto Lycanroc, while Rowlet becomes surrounded by Mini-Noses. Lycanroc uses Continental Crush, and fires it onto Rockruff and Rowlet, who move away. The attack causes the Stealth Rock to shatter, which shocks Olivia. Sophocles realizes how Ash is lucky, but Kiawe claims Ash did this on purpose. Olivia is impressed, and has Probopass use Giga Impact on Rockruff and Lycanroc to use Rock Slide.

Rowlet uses Leafage, stopping the Rock Slide. Rockruff goes to use Bite, but before it hits Lycanroc, it gets hit by Giga Impact, and is bashed to a wall. However, Rockruff immediately returns and bites Lycanroc. Rowlet goes to use Leafage, but Probopass releases the Mini-Noses to use Magnet Bomb. Rowlet, however, flies off and causes the Magnet Bomb to hit Probopass instead. Ash uses the Z-Ring to power Rowlet up. Probopass goes to use Giga Impact. Before Probopass attacks, Rowlet executes Bloom Doom, while Rockruff and Lycanroc glare at each other. The attack explodes, causing Probopass to faint. Olivia praises it and calls it back, letting Lycanroc know it is all up to it. Ash sees Rockruff is fired up, and has Rowlet take it up in the air. However, Rockruff becomes aggressive and bites Rowlet. Ash tends to the latter, who fainted as well. This makes Rockruff regret what it did, making Kiawe think if it was so excited it could not remember who its allies are. Ash calls Rowlet back, while Rockruff is saddened by its actions. Ash grins, and shakes his butt, reminding their training to have Rockruff learn Rock Throw.

Rockruff is encouraged to continue the battle, which impresses Olivia. Ash has Rockruff use Rock Throw, while Lycanroc uses Accelerock. The two clash and collide, and Rockruff goes to bite Lycanroc. Lycanroc avoids the move, and fires Rock Slide. Rockruff jumps on the rocks, shocking Olivia, as it uses Rock Throw. Lycanroc is taken by surprise and gets hit. Lycanroc falls down, defeated, as Kukui proclaims Ash to be the winner. Surprisingly, Rockruff is defeated as well, and Ash runs off and holds it. Olivia praises Lycanroc as well, and calls it back. Ash's friends compliment Ash, and Olivia expresses her amazement how Rockruff jumped on Rock Slide. She congratulates Ash on the victory, and gives him the Rockium Z. She goes to give it, but trips over a rock. Olivia laughs and blushes, and Ash takes the Z-Crystal. Rotom takes his picture, stating that's the fourth Z-Crystal he has. Ash shows it to Rockruff, who is still sad. Olivia states she sensed that Rockruff is close to evolving. Ash is surprised, and Kukui explains Rockruff grows more aggressive and independent. Ash remembers Rotom told him about this, who wonders which form will it take. Ash strokes Rockruff, letting it take the form it wishes to.

Suddenly, everyone sees the glitter falling down, as Tapu Lele visited them.





SM036 Who's that Pokémon dub.png
  • "Who's that Pokémon?:" Probopass (JA and EN)
  • The Poké Problem segment for this episode is hosted by Professor Kukui, who asks which Pokémon Olivia sends out to battle along with Lycanroc. The answers are Alolan Geodude (blue), Boldore (red), Tapu Lele (green), and Probopass (yellow). The correct answer is the yellow answer, Probopass.
    • This segment was not shown on the first airing.
  • This is the first time that a Pokémon gets knocked out by its partner in a Double Battle.
  • This is the only episode where Ash obtains the same Z-Crystal from a Grand Trial the player would win from the games.