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One Journey Ends, Another Begins... (ニャビー、旅立ちの時! Litten, Journey Departure Time!) is the 21st episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon.


The Litten that Ash has met before asks him for help. It appears the elderly Stoutland that the Litten lives with has grown weaker and Litten needs his help to cure him. During their time together, the bond between them begins to change forever.

Episode plot

Ash is carrying a lot of bags and walks with Pikachu, Rotom and Rockruff. Rotom decides to help out Ash, but the bag is too heavy for it and it drops the bag down. A donut rolls out to an old woman, who greets Ash. The woman goes to give the donut to Ash, but the Litten snatches it. Ash greets Litten, recalling it was a long time since he saw it. Litten runs off, and Ash and his Pokémon follow it through the city. They stop, as they see Litten going under the bridge, where it brings the donut to the Stoutland, while a leaf falls off the withering tree. Litten wants more training, so Stoutland demonstrates the move Fire Fang. Another leaf falls off the withering tree, and Stoutland begins coughing. Litten, however, uses Fire Fang on a coconut but fails to execute the move properly. Ash and his Pokémon visit Litten and Stoutland, the latter continuing coughing. Ash goes to give out some fruit he bought but gets burnt by Litten. Stoutland scolds Litten for attacking him, while Ash notes it didn't change its attitude at all. Litten wants more tutoring from Stoutland, whom Ash finds a bit odd.

At the house, Rotom shows the video he made about Litten and Stoutland, stating it is rare for two Pokémon with different styles to train together. Kukui has Rotom pause the video, noting how Litten and Stoutland's backs are arched. Ash recalls Litten did that before, and Kukui explains it is how they gather the energy to execute an attack. Kukui also notes how Stoutland really cares about Litten. The next day, as the school bell rings, Ash and Pikachu decide to visit Litten and bring it some fruit. However, they are ambushed by Team Rocket, who chant their motto. Suddenly, they are burnt by Litten, who rushes to Ash, wanting something from him. Team Rocket is insulted, and Meowth notices Litten has arrived. Pikachu fires Electro Ball, and after the attack, Team Rocket see the twerp has disappeared. Jessie and James escape, but Meowth wants to follow Litten. Arriving at the place under the bridge, Ash sees Stoutland lying on the floor. Seeing it is weak, Ash promises to Litten to get Stoutland to the Pokémon Center. He lifts it up, seeing that Stoutland is not heavy, but large in size. Meowth stalks the group and looks at the withered tree, whose leaf falls to the river and slides away.

At the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy treats Stoutland. After being done, Nurse Joy, Comfey and Blissey come out, while Litten enters the room. Litten starts licking Stoutland, who barely moves. Nurse Joy explains that Stoutland is neither sick nor injured, but the door closes at the last part, cutting her off. She believes that Litten knows what the real problem with Stoutland is. Ash contacts Kukui about Litten, wanting to stay with it. Kukui permits Ash that and states the fact Litten trusted Ash enough to go to him for help. During the night, Ash, Pikachu and Rotom visit the room, bringing some fruit. However, Litten and Stoutland are gone, and the group starts running to the spot where Stoutland and Litten are living. On their way, they are intercepted by Meowth, who tells Litten is working very hard and wishes for it to be protected. Ash ponders this concern, but Meowth simply states he wants to make sure Litten is okay, and runs off. Ash has doubts about Meowth, thinking something is wrong with him.

Under the bridge, Litten approaches Stoutland and licks it. Stoutland gives commands to Litten and demonstrates the use of Fire Fang. Litten uses the move on the coconut but fails once more. Litten goes to Stoutland and sleeps by him, while a leaf falls from the withered tree and drifts off in the sky. Litten dreams of Stoutland and runs towards it, but Stoutland moves farther away. While the weather is cloudy, Litten wakes up and finds that Stoutland is missing. Noticing that the tree that has one leaf remaining, Litten goes to the abandoned house but does not find Stoutland there either. Passing by the old woman at the market and gazing at the sea from the cliff, Litten returns to the spot under the bridge. There, it finds a whirlwind, which dissipates. The couch Stoutland was on crumbles, and the final leaf from the tree flies off on the couch. Litten goes to the tree, seeing there are no leaves left, and the clouds start raining.

Litten breaks down and starts crying and howling in sadness. Ash, Pikachu, Kukui and Rotom visit Litten. Rotom asks Kukui where Stoutland is, but Kukui simply says "I'm sorry", while Litten rests on the couch. Team Rocket watches as Meowth gazes into the rainy sky. Jessie and James wonder what is up with Meowth, as he has always been sighing. Bewear comes and hugs Meowth, who is feeling sad as well. The old woman from the marketplace gives Ash some fruit to deliver to Litten and states that it can come to her whenever it wants to. Ash visits Litten and offers it the fruit, but Litten is uninterested. Ash gazes in the sky as well and thinks about Litten. Meowth visits Litten, asking Litten to speak up what happened, as it can overcome over its sadness. However, Meowth runs off, as Ash comes with his Pokémon. Ash promises to stay with Litten until it eats something, and Kukui gives him the permission to do so. After the rain stops, the leaf flies off. Litten follows it and gazes at the rainbow in the sky. It looks at the clouds, seeing Stoutland's spirit wink at it.

Litten grabs the fruit and offers it to Ash. Ash refuses and gives it to Litten, who gives it back to Ash. Ash and Litten repeat this, making Pikachu dizzy and pass out. Still, Ash offers Litten the option to travel with them. Litten fires Ember at Ash, burning his face, while Meowth, who has been watching, comments the twerp has to prove himself first. Litten assumes the battle stance, so Ash has Pikachu ready to battle. Litten fires Ember but is countered by Pikachu's Thunderbolt. Pikachu uses Quick Attack, but Litten leaps away and fires Ember, but misses. Litten uses Fire Fang, so Pikachu uses Iron Tail to block the attack and slam Litten away, to a wall. Pikachu uses Quick Attack, but Litten spins and blocks the attack. Pikachu fires Electro Ball, which collides with Litten's Ember. Ash offers Litten to come with them, who smiles. Ash smiles as well and throws the Poké Ball in the sky. Litten jumps and touches the Ball, letting itself be captured.

Ash grins, having Litten as his new Pokémon. Meowth is moved by Litten's fate, but since it is his enemy now, Meowth promises not to show mercy for future battles. Ash sends Litten out, who meets Rowlet, Rotom and Rockruff, too. Ash claims they are its friends now, and offers everyone to eat the fruit.




  • "Who's That Pokémon?:" Stoutland (JA and EN)
  • The Poké Problem segment hosted by Professor Kukui asks what place does Ash take Stoutland in today's episode. The correct answer is the red answer, the Pokémon Center. The other answers are the shopping center (blue), the old residence (green), and the TV station (yellow).
  • This, along with "Partner Promises!", aired on the same day as a one-hour special.
  • The theme music of Snowbelle City and Meowth's Ballad are used.
  • The symbolism representing Stoutland's death (the dying tree) is a reference of The Last Leaf by O Henry.
    • Prior to "Memories in the Mist!" where Stoutland was confirmed to have passed away, Stoutland was originally listed as disappeared and was not listed in the series’ death lists.
  • This episode aired in the dub as a three-hour special starting from "They Might Not Be Giants!" to this episode.